Saturday, December 22, 2012

Why they call me Mrs. White

I present to you...
Bloomer Elementary!

This is my place of employment. It is a public elementary school with lots of adorable, grimy, smiley, germy, tricky, funny kids.
Within all of those kids, there is one in particular who I am paired with. I won't tell you his name because I don't know if that's like against some HIPPA law or something.. Do those exist in this field of work?
This sweetheart of a boy is visually impaired. Not blind... just visually impaired. He has a special machine that can bring the teachers face closer to him or zoom in on a book he is reading. My job is really simple. I help him with his machine and help him stay on task.

So that is the basic idea of what I am doing these days. I love spending time with kids. They are so witty and hilarious to be around.
On Monday, I told my little guy that I got him a Christmas present but I needed him to show me that he could be really good and do what is asked for the rest of the week and I would give it to him on Friday.
He asked me, "What is today?"
I said, "Monday..."
He goes,"(gasp) Monday?! It's almost Friday!!"
haha Yes little L.. It is almost Friday!

We had an ugly sweater day on Friday.
I got told by three teachers "your sweater isn't even ugly! It's really cute!"
And that is how these ugly sweater makers stay in business. 

Mrs. White

PS -- ♥    I love being Mrs. White. I wouldn't choose any other Mrs. to be.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Brought to you by yours truly

Okay this is hilarious and I laugh at myself more and more every time I watch it.
But in the spirit of Christmas, I give you a video of our living room decor.
I tried to take pictures but decided a video would capture it a little better and would be way more fun.
For you that is.
Because I felt like an idiot.
And I talked real quiet because I didn't want Kelly to hear me from upstairs.
And I'm using some lame-o camera that plugs into my computer. Really awesome.
And I'm sitting on the floor. 
And don't look at the pile of blankets and pillows in the corner. Crap.. now you're going to look! :)
And maybe I should have just stuck with good ole pictures.
Annnnnnddd.... here it goes!

There you have it! 
The first and probably last video of Rileys Little Secrets!

five minutes later
Oh heavens guys... I just watched the video myself and the quality blows. 
I know  you are really concerned and really wanted to see the details of our home. 
Lucky you!! 
I took pictures. 
Now you get pictures, too!

Bonus! Now you get to see the lights from outside, and a little detail!

 That nativity is sitting on the "hobo hutch" which desperately needs some TLC. Mainly a good stain job. Don't worry, I know it looks a little junky now. But I love its character!

PS, no we do not have a Christmas tree.. lame sauce, I know. 

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Mom, I did not forget about you

Uhm, HELLO!  


Since we aren't good at taking pictures, I decided to compensate by that extra large announcement.

Playing games after the big Thanksgiving meal. 
There were millions of pies and scrumptious muddy buddies.

We started our Black Friday off kind of slow. We first attempted Toys R Us but decided it was a bust because they were only letting 50 people in the store at once. One person comes out, one person goes in. Slowest moving line ever! 
Next was target. I am not joking when I say the line extended into the field that is next to the building. Even with it being the main store we wanted, we were NOT going to wait in that line. We are talking thousands of frozen humans here. So we hit up Shopko and got some killer $5 scarfs.
Then we went back to Target, didn't have to wait in line, and still got everything we wanted. 
We went back home to eat some leftover before heading out for round two.

Okay kids..  here is where the madness begins. 
Victorias Secret. 
A fight broke out before they even opened the doors. 

Keep in mind we are at a mall where there was a shooting five years ago. Sketch. 
My mom and I gave up even trying to get anything once we were in the store. We stood in the middle of the madness, unable to go anywhere, being pushed around, swaying back and forth with the crowd. Hilarious!! We stood there, arms linked, dying laughing. That is what that picture above is. VS chaos.
We lost Caramie.. she was probably underneath us! She kind of got trampled and almost lost her shoes and purse. Later when we were in Gap, she found one of the huge clips that VS uses to hold their sale signs on boards in her purse!

This is where it gets serious.. 
The Shooting Scare
We went to a few other stores and then were trying to finish and get out of there. It was late and our beds were calling. I left my mom in the hallway of the mall to catch Caramie and Carrie as they came out of VS and I went a couple stores down to wait in line with Emily at Express. So there we are, it's almost our turn, and all of a sudden there are men (grown men) running to the front of the store. Not saying anything. Worry in their faces. Everyone started running to the front, by the registers. No one really knew what was going on. Someone said there was a gun. We didn't know if it was just express or if it was the whole mall. Emily and I hid behind a rack of tights and panties (haha) and tried to call Caramie. Our phones wouldn't go through... we were all separated. Scariest 30 minutes of my life! The stores had closed their gates at the front of the store so that we were all locked in. We finally were able to talk to the other girls and we all calmed down. On the bright side, we jumped to the register and were the first ones to check out. Then as soon as that gate opened we were out of there and scurrying our little turkey-butts to the car! 

Scary, right? 

Turns out, it was just a scuffle between two fellow Black Friday shoppers and there was no gun. A metal sign had fallen off the table and hit the floor and people thought it was gun shots. A lot of craziness for some $15 boots! 

My mom and I went back out at 5am to see what else we could score. We did some damage. 

My cute mom taking a nap with Cora and Ayzlie. 

Cora saying, "I want you to sit heeeeeeeere!!"

Farris Wheel time and Scheels! 

 We went to this funny donut shop.. look at all the cat posters. Crazy lady. 

Caramies favorite restaurant. Blue. 
I tried sushi.
Not for me.

 Last but not least.... I show you what happens when you put bread in a warm oven to help is raise a bit faster. 
You forget about it! 
Well, at least we do!
I found this two days after my mom had left. SO funny.

Poor Kelly had been studying his little noggin off.. he did allow himself to join in on a couple of the festivities but for the most part, he is a very dedicated student. 
So proud of him and thankful for his hard work! 
Love him to pieces.

It's official

Phew! I did it. 
I quit my job! 
No more CVS Pharmacy on my itinerary... 
I really have been done since last Friday but I have been so busy being lazy that I haven't blogged about it yet. 

We had to wear bar code stickers on our hands at work to "scan our credentials" for everything we did. This was the second to last day I had to wear the dumb thing. 
Woot woot!
I really wanted a job that was more of a 8:00-4:00 kind of thing and one that I would be able to go home for Christmas and Summers. 
Problem solved. 
Prayers answered. 
Flights home booked. 
I got a job as a para-educator. 
Basically, I will be working one on one with an elementary student that is struggling. 
I love children. 
I really am so excited and I hope I love it as much as I think I am going to! 

We are just waiting to hear back from my background check which seems like is taking foreeeeever

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

a festive night full of dancing little elves.

These little cutie-shmooty girls had a dance recital last week. 
They are hilarious on the dance floor.
I love my not children children. 
Catch that? 

Monday, December 3, 2012

just call me Rapunzel

Cute Tennille did the most amazing thing for her little fighter baby Jett. 
You can learn more about their little family here
For Jetts birthday, we sent off prayer or wish lanterns. 
These were even more fun than I was expecting! 

Meet Emily. 
We have been hanging out quite frequently due to four key things. 

one: our husbands are in the same class and section. 
two: she is hilarious and I fully enjoy her presence.
three: they are one of the only couples that don't have children.
four: we live across the street!

Since finals start next week, both of our husbands were glued to their books during this event. 
It was another "girls date" in the books for us I suppose!
At least we have each other.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Have you seen Pitch Perfect? 
If you have, you will laugh at that title.
If not, go now

So... I'm back! With a brand new swag! 
No new swag. 
Just my usual self is back. 

I have finally got all my pictures from my phone onto my computer so that I can continue on with my blogging. I'm going to start with today and go backwards until I am caught up again. 
Hold on tight. 

Speaking of tight.. those are my new tights!
So much fun. 
So remind me of Annie
So perfect for winter.
So funny that I had a photo shoot of my legs. 
Especially because I hate everything about my legs. 
WORTH IT! Cause those are some cute polka dots. 
And shoes :)
That's all I have to offer today.. Many more exciting things are in the works. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

so-good-you'll-eat-them-out-of-the-garbage baked churros

I will admit that I found this tasty treat on Pinterest but that is nothing to be ashamed of right? 
Especially when it is this tasty! 
Although, she did use a different kind of dough but I couldn't find it so I improvised. 

What you need:
1 tube Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
1 cup Sugar
1 Tbs Ground Cinnamon
1/2 cube Melted Butter

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
Lay your crescent rolls out on a cookie sheet and cut them into one inch strips. Don't mind the perforated lines. They almost disappear when you cook them.

Bake the dough for about ten minutes. I just kept an eye on it until it looked like this.
Brush melted butter onto sticks and roll them into your mixed cinnamon and sugar.
Now eat the whole batch.
Or tell your sister to come over and help you eat them all. 

Except let me tell you a story. Caramie might kill me but I can't help it! 
So I made these last night, right? It was late and I ran off to bed without covering the three that were left. 
Morning comes along and they aren't so fresh so I toss them in the garbage. 
Cara came over for lunch later and saw them in my garbage. She couldn't believe I would do such a thing! 
Next thing I know, I look over and there she is... just a munchin on a churro. 
Excuse me?? 
Those were in the garbage. 
Garbage digger. 
I tried to get a picture of it all going down but I wasn't fast enough. Instead, you get a picture of her hiding and laughing because it was one of those moments that I just stared at her like "uh.. are you really doing that?" with big eyes and laughing. 
So funny, it made her weak in the knees. 
In her defense, the only things in the garbage were the leftover cinnamon and sugar and a box from some Christmas lights. 
But still.
Hilarious, right?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

dear friend...

What do you see wrong with this picture?

Is it maybe my awful fingernail polish that needed to be redone like... last month? 
Is it maybe the fact that I'm taking a picture of my legs? WTF? 
Is it maybe that bar code sticker on my hand? 
It is that hole in my leggings! 

Yes, I am blogging about the hole in my leggings! So upset!

At CVS Pharmacy hired and trained
With the Pharmacist is where I spent most of my days
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
Eatin some lunch and not missing school
When I uncrossed my legs, I heard a bad sound
I looked down at my knee and then instantly frowned
There was a hole in my pants and they were my favorite pair
I said "I'll never find a pair that can even compare" 

True  story guys! The zipper on the back of my boots had snagged my leggings and ripped a hole in them.

Maybe it is finally time to retire the poor things. I mean, it's not the first hole I've had to patch in them. 
I blame my boots for every hole.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I call him husband

This cute, cute, cute boy...
He takes my breath away every day. Just with the littlest things like leaving notes behind.
There is something about this picture that I love! The fact that he is visiting with the old neighbor lady could be it. 
Or his cute bum :)

please let me rant somewhere!

I don't even know how to feel about this Mr Obama situation.
I'm on such a roller coaster!
I DO know that I don't like him.  
And I DO know that I want to hide in a hole for the next four years. 

It upsets me that he is going to be taking so much of my hard earned money to give to people who aren't putting forth the effort to earn it themselves. 

I flipped him off at the gym today. 
Okay, I flipped off the tv screen.

I hate that so many people voted for him because of his skin color, because they are on food stamps, or because they want an Obamaphone. 
Go ahead and vote for him if you believe in everything else he stands for but please America, get educated before you vote.
I swear there should be a test on politics before earning your right to vote. 

Caramie went to McDonalds last night for a treat and let me share her conversation with the guy at the drive-thru. 
Cara: Did you vote today?
McD guy (who is African American): Nah, I gotta go do that tomorrow.
Cara: Dude, today is the last day!
McD guy: Oh, shoot!
Cara: Who were you going to vote for?
McD  guy: Obama! He's da man!
Cara: Oh, well maybe it's a good thing you didn't vote then!
Mcd guy: Why? Did you vote for that Bush guy?
Cara: Bush? Bush was the president before Obama.
Mcd guy: Oh, I mean that guy that's just like Bush. What's his name? Like Ronald or something?

Yes, my friend. Ronald McDonald is running for president.
I'm sure he isn't the only American with this same mind set. How many people went out and voted for Obama for the wrong reasons?

I know I'm not real educated in the politic world, in fact, I am pretty sure I am the family joke when it comes to politics at the White household, but this election has left me speechless but definitely not emotionless! 

I'm scared of what is to come so in the meantime I just have to keep thinking of these two things. 
I plead with you NOT to preach pessimism. Preach that this is the greatest country in all the world. This is the favored land. This is the land of our forefathers. It is the nation that will stand despite whatever trials or crises it may yet have to pass through. -- Harold B. Lee

Pin that shiz. I made it myself. haha I wish I had some fancy program with better options. Or better computer skilllllz. But I don't.
So blessed we are to have such great church leaders. 
My Name is Riley Jan White and I approve this message.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

the littles and the bigs

Aside from my husby, it is thanks to these girls (and their parents) that I survive out here.

Squished in the backseat of the rental car, ready for a girls day

I held her as long as my arms could handle it because I love the way she wraps her little arms around my neck. Sleepy little girl.
PS- someone please tell Target that their carpet looks like an awful bowling alley
Love them to pieces!
And we miss the other littles that are back in Utah...
December can't come soon enough!

 Date nights with these two are also life savers.
Caramel apple slices.

 Oh and.. VOTE ROMNEY! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

prepare yourself.

This is a post of everything.
No need to waste time explaining.
Just take on the adventure!

The only reason I eat ice cream cones is for the very end.
Worth every lick to get me there.
I don't even like ice cream...

Working Sundays: hate it.
Working Sundays when the computers are down: worthless.
You're lucky I'm not flipping off the camera. 

I made a big purchase.
Not expensive big, but physically big.
A beautifullll mirror!!
You should have seen me trying to get her in the car by myself! I'm sure it would have been entertaining. 

All the single ladies--♥  
Such a cute saying

Okay this puppy... I need one. 
She is a teacup chihuahua and she is adorable
The selling points:
she doesn't really get bigger. her mom is 3lbs and her dad is 4lbs.
only $200 bones.
she comes potty trained. 
sign me up! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

happy birthday to me!!

Time to play catch up! 
I will be posting errrrry day for a bit, just so I can blog about everything!
Because I like to share.
And because in a year, I will enjoy looking back on these! 

My birthday was on the 23rd.
A little late? 
It's okay. 

We went to dinner with the Toyns and then came home for some cake (that my husband whipped up himself!) and ice cream. 
Look how happy Ayz is!

My oh-so-wonderful husband surprised me with this gem. 
It was love at first site about... 4 months go! 
Not only is she perfect, inside and out, but she is practically named after me! 
I present to you
In white.

Thank you, Kaboo, for making the most girl friendly bag in the entire world. Go here and check their bags out. 
Talk about pockets! 
The only thing missing is a satchel strap. 
I am still determined to create one. 
But in the meantime, I have the most organized purse. 
My OCD no longer hits when I reach in for my wallet. Or chapstick. Or pen. Or hand sanitizer. Or tampon. Or gum. Or lotion. Or bobby pin. Or my gym pass. Or anything...!
Everything has its own pocket.

one happy girl right here

Thursday, November 1, 2012

a little Nauvoo vacation

This post is long over due. Along with 90% of my posts..... oh well. At least it is finally getting done!

Over fall break, Kellys parents came out to visit! We picked them up at the airport late late late at night.
{check out the miles on my poor camry! I guess that's what happens when you go to school at Dixie for two years, date a handsome boy that lives at least 30 miles away for a year, and then make the drive to Omaha.}

We woke up the next morning and made the drive to Nauvoo!
It was rainy and beautiful the entire trip. This is the bridge to cross the Mississippi River.
After taking our bags to the Bed and Breakfast, we hurried over to our appointment at the temple. It was Doug and Carolyns 30th Anniversary so we did a whole bunch of sealings. Such a special and different experience!
We stayed at Willard Richards home which was really quite awesome.
This was our room. It was on the very top level and almost was like an attic. The lady told us that it was used as a temple while the Nauvoo temple was being built. Not many people can say they have slept in the temple!

Look! Joseph Smith! Oh, wait. That's my cute husband :)

 Call me weird, but aren't these stairs cute? Look how it rounds at the top. I love old stairways like this for some reason.. and there were two flights of them. Old homes are so beautiful to me.
 The Inn was on White Street. Ha! How perfect! 
And this is why you shouldn't ask my husband to take a picture. He is such a goof. 
"Oh! You wanted to be in the picture? Let me try again."
 One of my very favorite pictures. Ever. But I am so sad that it was taken on Kellys phone because if I ever wanted to blow it up or anything like that, the quality would suck. I forgot my phone in Omaha (worst thing EVER.) and that is what I usually use as my camera because it has such great quality. Seriously, so upsetting.

 Here are my cute inlaws while walking around and checking out the sites. So cute! Happy 30 years to them!

Another photo of my husband trying to mess up my pictures. 
"Oh! Oops. Were you taking a picture?"
He knew darn well that I was taking a picture! 
If you are ever going to Nauvoo, go in the fall! It is beautiful beyond description. Like, inspiring. 
This is on our way to Carthage Jail.
Mississippi River on the right, forest of pretty leaves on the left, and rain coming down.
 Being in the jail and hearing the stories of Joseph Smith was something unreal.
This is the window Joseph Smith fell out of after being shot.
 This is the original door which means that those are the original bullet holes.

After a looooong drive back to Omaha on Sunday night, we woke up on Monday and went to see all that we could see! This included the Winter Quarters temple and visitor center. Please laugh with us at this photo! Such cool inlaws I have!
It felt so good to spend time with Doug and Carolyn! It's amazing how much of a boost it will give you to have family around. Maybe we will survive until Christmas now!