Sunday, December 2, 2012


Have you seen Pitch Perfect? 
If you have, you will laugh at that title.
If not, go now

So... I'm back! With a brand new swag! 
No new swag. 
Just my usual self is back. 

I have finally got all my pictures from my phone onto my computer so that I can continue on with my blogging. I'm going to start with today and go backwards until I am caught up again. 
Hold on tight. 

Speaking of tight.. those are my new tights!
So much fun. 
So remind me of Annie
So perfect for winter.
So funny that I had a photo shoot of my legs. 
Especially because I hate everything about my legs. 
WORTH IT! Cause those are some cute polka dots. 
And shoes :)
That's all I have to offer today.. Many more exciting things are in the works. 

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