Monday, February 21, 2011


I think picture overload would be an understatement with this post... seriously! But I couldn't leave any out! The entire trip must be documented. Travis took his video camera to make a video of some of the highlights. Not gonna lie. I'm pretty excited for it! We had a blast!! As you look through this post, be ready for tons of pictures (good and bad) that entail inside jokes and stories galore! I wish every weekend was a California weekend.

[..Day One..]

Oh the car ride. Six hours in a car with Ashlee Bron and Travis can be quite the adventure in itself! Of course we can't let Ashlee drive us or we might end up on the South Coast. haha So we let Bron do all the driving. This picture is of me and Ash playing Five Crowns. Not only did Bron play while driving, but he won. Go figure. One of the best ways we kept a positive attitude throughout the journey was randomly yelling "California!!" haha or if your Travis.. "Carrriforia!!" with an Asian accent. So funny.

When we finally got close to our destination, it started to rain. Of course. Mother Nature is lucky I love the rain! Really it didn't even put a damper on any of our moods. We were just happy to be able to get away. After freshening up a bit, we met up with Brooke, Amanda, and Travs friend Brandon at BJ's for dinner. It was kinda fun because it was in Huntington Beach on a street with a bunch of little shops right next to the ocean. I've been sold! The California life is amazing.

[..Day Two..]

Disneyland!!! Oh my gosh. I didn't know a group of adults could have so much fun in a place that is really designed for children. Maybe it's because we acted like children.. Everything worked out perfect for us! It really is the happiest place on earth! We were scared that the park would be super busy because of the holiday weekend but turns out that the rain scared everyone away! The longest we waited in a line was only like 40 minutes which is AMAZING for Disneyland! It made for a great (or should I say magical?) time. Now be ready for tons and tons and tons of pictures...

Bron, Brooke, Travis, Riley, Ashlee (The Crew)

Bron and Trav on Pirates

Ashlee-Brooke-Riley Pirates! Number three on my list of favorites.

Action shot! hahaha

Trav looks way too excited.

Indiana Jones!! My number one favorite.

This is the only time we let Ashlee drive

Homegirl in the background just wished she was part of the Crew so she decided to join in the picture

Splash Mountain here we come!!

"That's the castle? That's it? I thought it was supposed to be magical.."

The seats were wet which meant that when we got out... so were our bums.

The boys were trying to look manly in the teacups. Fail!

"If this ride doesn't kill me...."

haha represent!

Walking back to Disneyland after the Cheesecake Factory which was mm mm good!

Rain anyone? LOVE IT!!!

"ba-bapa-ledyano" "doot doot doot"

Indiana Jones round two! A little wet this time..

Show me your scared faces!

The boys were too good to go on this ride. Every time we passed it Brooke would say "hey guys! the line is short! let's go!" but we never did... so at the end of the day when there literally wasn't a line, we took advantage, with or without the boys.

Trav timed this picture perfect! haha classic.

Disneyland was honestly worth every one of those 76 dollars. Which by the way, I calculated it will take me 9 and a half hours of work at the fit to earn that money back. Which is over two days. haha but so worth it!

[..Day Three..]

We set this day aside to do whatever we wanted so I'm sure it isn't a surprise that we spent it shopping. My big purchase of the day was this baby. My backpack! It is so much cuter in person. I love it!

The very first store we went to was Forever 21 and uhm... lets just say that's the only store we needed! We were loving it. haha The boys left us there while they went to look at the rest of the stores in the mall. By the time they were ready to go, we hadn't even tried on our clothes. What can we say? We're a group of girls in Cali! Can you blame us? We had to take advantage of the moment. Spending like we had no limit.. By the end of the day I had bought five shirts, a skirt, and my backpack but I must confess.. I overloaded on accessories! They're my weakness! Let's not calculate how many hours at the fitness center it is going to take to work that off... because it was worth it!

For lunch we went and grabbed some Chronic Taco. Yum! We took it down to this fun little pier to eat. It was so relaxing to do two of our favorite things at the same time. Stuff our faces and embrace the ocean. haha

In the end, we decided that the best way to vacation is with no plans. The only thing we had planned for the entire weekend was Disneyland and that left plenty of time open for us to do whatever we wanted and to have such a relaxing, chill getaway without feeling rushed or anything to get somewhere. This weekend was perfect. I wouldn't change anything about it! We're all keeping our hopes high that there will be MANY more of these vacations to come.

Now as Ashlee would say "So much." haha

Here are a couple of hilarious videos if you would like to partake. They kind of show our mindset while we were in Disneyland... which explains a lot.

Let me just give a little bit of advice by saying take advantage of opportunities you have to make memories like this. They're what make you really appreciate life!

..miss ri..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heart Day Cookies

Oh how I love Valentines Day... and pictures!! haha Ashlee and I decided it would be fun to make some cute sugar cookies for the holiday to take to Sunday dinner that we go to every week with my family. It's probably about time we contribute something... haha It was quite the process and we both had more important things we should have been doing but that's okay. It was fun and we still got everything done! :)

So first of all... we didn't have cookie cutters or a rolling pin so we used cups for both. haha Ya gotta do what'cha gotta do!

Ash had to take a picture of this "leaning tower of dough" haha

The cookies might have been a little odd shaped and not the best looking but... they were still super tasty!

We decided to do pink and purple frosting... about as Valentines-y as you can get with food coloring! Oh, and pink sprinkles. There wasn't a lot to choose from at the store on Saturday night... it seemed like everyone else had the same idea as us! All of the cookie cutters and cute sprinkles were gone so we made do with what we had.

Frosting the cookies was funny. Ash refused to help with the decorating so she would just frost them and I was stuck with the responsibility of the art work (and we all know I have no artistic talent!).

Now placing the cookies on the plate was a whole other story. Ash and I were so particular with making sure they were placed in the right spot so that it wouldn't look funny. Ammon was laughing at us because we're both OCD and it seriously took us probably 5 minutes to figure it out and get it how we liked it. IT'S JUST A PLATE OF COOKIES!

Oh and how could I forget the special cookie for Bron. You guys might not find this funny but it is quite the hilarious inside joke. And look at the helmet I drew! That is about the extent of my talent. And I was even looking at a picture!

Valentines Day is always fun. With or without a Valentine. But with is definitely better :) This year, I happened to have one! And he happened to do one of the cutest things anyone has ever done! And it just so happens that it's a secret :) Now I've got you wondering huh? Oops! Sorry!

..miss ri..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

it's about time!

Okay so... my mom told me it was time to update my blog. And she's right! It has been quite some time! But I haven't had a lot to blog about. I'm such a loser and so busy with school and work that over the past month, I only have 3 pictures worth posting. Seriously? Has my life ever been so boring? Today, I finally did something that was worth blogging about.

I went to the spa.

Oh my gosh it was amazing! I just got a 45 minute facial but I've honestly never experienced something so relaxing. There is a good chance I will be returning on a regular basis. Thanks for the gift certificate momma! It was much needed.

My dad came down a couple weekends ago which is always fun! I miss my family so much down here so it's such a treat when anyone visits! While he was down here, a few of us went and hiked around Dixie Rock. Let me just tell you that I have some hilarious uncles and super cute cousins! I love love love when we can all get together.

Lately I have been spending so much time with Ash-hole... I mean Ashlee. We went through a bit of a dry spell without each other but luckily we have taken care of that. We do all sorts of dumb things like shop more than we should, attend sporting events, watch pointless tv shows, eat as unhealthy as possible, try to redeem ourselves by going to the gym, have sleepovers, take care of each other when we're sick, tell secrets.. and the list could go on forever! We're kind of like little girls but we have fun and keep ourselves entertained which is all that really matters, right? After all, she is one of my very few friends down here. haha Thank heavens for our crew or I think all of us would go insane. Can't wait for tryouts! hahaha Oh how I enjoy all of our outings.

So turns out that life is starting to look up. haha Ya gotta just keep truckin' along right? Even when life smacks ya in the face, work with it. My mom always tells me that "it's all about timing." Blah! ha I told Bridget that that phrase just makes me want to punch a clock. But I've learned to take life one day at a time and when you step back and look at the whole picture, life really is full of bliss.

..miss ri..