Monday, November 5, 2012

prepare yourself.

This is a post of everything.
No need to waste time explaining.
Just take on the adventure!

The only reason I eat ice cream cones is for the very end.
Worth every lick to get me there.
I don't even like ice cream...

Working Sundays: hate it.
Working Sundays when the computers are down: worthless.
You're lucky I'm not flipping off the camera. 

I made a big purchase.
Not expensive big, but physically big.
A beautifullll mirror!!
You should have seen me trying to get her in the car by myself! I'm sure it would have been entertaining. 

All the single ladies--♥  
Such a cute saying

Okay this puppy... I need one. 
She is a teacup chihuahua and she is adorable
The selling points:
she doesn't really get bigger. her mom is 3lbs and her dad is 4lbs.
only $200 bones.
she comes potty trained. 
sign me up! 

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