Sunday, November 4, 2012

happy birthday to me!!

Time to play catch up! 
I will be posting errrrry day for a bit, just so I can blog about everything!
Because I like to share.
And because in a year, I will enjoy looking back on these! 

My birthday was on the 23rd.
A little late? 
It's okay. 

We went to dinner with the Toyns and then came home for some cake (that my husband whipped up himself!) and ice cream. 
Look how happy Ayz is!

My oh-so-wonderful husband surprised me with this gem. 
It was love at first site about... 4 months go! 
Not only is she perfect, inside and out, but she is practically named after me! 
I present to you
In white.

Thank you, Kaboo, for making the most girl friendly bag in the entire world. Go here and check their bags out. 
Talk about pockets! 
The only thing missing is a satchel strap. 
I am still determined to create one. 
But in the meantime, I have the most organized purse. 
My OCD no longer hits when I reach in for my wallet. Or chapstick. Or pen. Or hand sanitizer. Or tampon. Or gum. Or lotion. Or bobby pin. Or my gym pass. Or anything...!
Everything has its own pocket.

one happy girl right here

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  1. A bag named after you whoa!! You are famous!! Ha I love it, you should of told them that's your name and you should of gotten it for free!!