Friday, December 7, 2012

Mom, I did not forget about you

Uhm, HELLO!  


Since we aren't good at taking pictures, I decided to compensate by that extra large announcement.

Playing games after the big Thanksgiving meal. 
There were millions of pies and scrumptious muddy buddies.

We started our Black Friday off kind of slow. We first attempted Toys R Us but decided it was a bust because they were only letting 50 people in the store at once. One person comes out, one person goes in. Slowest moving line ever! 
Next was target. I am not joking when I say the line extended into the field that is next to the building. Even with it being the main store we wanted, we were NOT going to wait in that line. We are talking thousands of frozen humans here. So we hit up Shopko and got some killer $5 scarfs.
Then we went back to Target, didn't have to wait in line, and still got everything we wanted. 
We went back home to eat some leftover before heading out for round two.

Okay kids..  here is where the madness begins. 
Victorias Secret. 
A fight broke out before they even opened the doors. 

Keep in mind we are at a mall where there was a shooting five years ago. Sketch. 
My mom and I gave up even trying to get anything once we were in the store. We stood in the middle of the madness, unable to go anywhere, being pushed around, swaying back and forth with the crowd. Hilarious!! We stood there, arms linked, dying laughing. That is what that picture above is. VS chaos.
We lost Caramie.. she was probably underneath us! She kind of got trampled and almost lost her shoes and purse. Later when we were in Gap, she found one of the huge clips that VS uses to hold their sale signs on boards in her purse!

This is where it gets serious.. 
The Shooting Scare
We went to a few other stores and then were trying to finish and get out of there. It was late and our beds were calling. I left my mom in the hallway of the mall to catch Caramie and Carrie as they came out of VS and I went a couple stores down to wait in line with Emily at Express. So there we are, it's almost our turn, and all of a sudden there are men (grown men) running to the front of the store. Not saying anything. Worry in their faces. Everyone started running to the front, by the registers. No one really knew what was going on. Someone said there was a gun. We didn't know if it was just express or if it was the whole mall. Emily and I hid behind a rack of tights and panties (haha) and tried to call Caramie. Our phones wouldn't go through... we were all separated. Scariest 30 minutes of my life! The stores had closed their gates at the front of the store so that we were all locked in. We finally were able to talk to the other girls and we all calmed down. On the bright side, we jumped to the register and were the first ones to check out. Then as soon as that gate opened we were out of there and scurrying our little turkey-butts to the car! 

Scary, right? 

Turns out, it was just a scuffle between two fellow Black Friday shoppers and there was no gun. A metal sign had fallen off the table and hit the floor and people thought it was gun shots. A lot of craziness for some $15 boots! 

My mom and I went back out at 5am to see what else we could score. We did some damage. 

My cute mom taking a nap with Cora and Ayzlie. 

Cora saying, "I want you to sit heeeeeeeere!!"

Farris Wheel time and Scheels! 

 We went to this funny donut shop.. look at all the cat posters. Crazy lady. 

Caramies favorite restaurant. Blue. 
I tried sushi.
Not for me.

 Last but not least.... I show you what happens when you put bread in a warm oven to help is raise a bit faster. 
You forget about it! 
Well, at least we do!
I found this two days after my mom had left. SO funny.

Poor Kelly had been studying his little noggin off.. he did allow himself to join in on a couple of the festivities but for the most part, he is a very dedicated student. 
So proud of him and thankful for his hard work! 
Love him to pieces.

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