Monday, March 25, 2013

my SPRING banner

Here is a little DIY S-P-R-I-N-G banner.
Or I guess you could make it say whatever you wanted :)
For the BIG fan, cut a sheet of 12x12 paper in half so that it is 12x6
For the LITTLE fan, cut a sheet of 12x12 paper in thirds so that you have 3 pieces that are each 12x4
Now, find some entertainment (I chose Gossip Girl, of course) and start folding!
 Again and again and again and again and again....
Until your fingers start screaming at you and you have watched two episodes of your favorite tv show.
FYI: The smaller the folds, the better. I want to say mine started out around 1/4 in.
Grab some thin wire and secure that little fan in a squished position, like in the top picture of the following collage (and ps- no making fun of my technical terms).
Then fan her out and tape her ends together! On the back side of course.
-You're glad I'm talking about the paper and not you, huh?-
Next, I dabbed a little Mod Podge on the edges of my big fans and rolie-polied them in some glitter.
Now that you have your fans made and glitter-tastic, you can glitterize your letters.
I just got some chip-board letters at Hobby Lobby for like $2.99. 
I spray painted them gold, slopped some Mod Podge on, and then sprinkled some fine glitter on top.
Depending on your glitter, you could probably skip the spray paint step. I just did it because I already had the paint.
After everything was dry, I hot glued it all together.
Align the center of your fans and plop your letter on top.
I even hot glued my rope on the back... My hot glue gun and I needed some bonding time.
You're done.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kansas City

Well friends, I suppose it is time to share some pictures about our little vacation because little vacations are very rare these days.

Emily and I knew it was almost Spring Break time for our boys but we also knew it wouldn't be much  of a break for them. They had reading to do, papers to write, and projects to work on. We decided that regardless of all the nonsense, they needed a break. And so did we! So we planned a weekend in Kansas City.
Within a ten minute drive home from the gym at 6:47 am, we knew when we were going and what we were going to do. We just needed a hotel.... But Emily did some magical work and got us the greatest hotel, in the greatest location, (walking distance to H&M, Pottery Barn, Forever 21, Restoration Hardware, + many more), for the greatest price!

The first thing we did on our first day there was visit the World War I museum.
It was so interesting. We could have spent hours and hours there... We did spend 2 hours but we could have done 2 more!

Kelly hates pictures... Maybe this is why we never take any.

It rained the whole weekend. If you know me, you know it didn't bother me one bit!
Em and I took a little venture out on Saturday afternoon to walk around the shops. We got caught in a straight downpour! Rivers were flowing all over! Luckily we had our freshly purchased umbrellas from H&M. We popped those babies open and enjoyed our stroll through the streets.

Kansas City was a success! We talked about how Kansas City is what we imagined Omaha to be like. Haha but Omaha was a let down... We would choose Kansas City over Omaha any day!
Our trip was cut a little short because of a snow storm that we didn't want to drive home in but now we just have an excuse to go again!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I've got big news over here

I bet you thought I was pregnant when you first read that, didn't you?! 
The real news is....
I, Riley Jan White, have received a calling. 
I am now a Relief Society Instructor in the Fontenelle Ward!
At first I said YIKES! 
Now, I am a little bit excited! I won't admit to it but after all, this blog is about my secrets, right?


So from here on out, on the second Sunday of each month, I will be teaching Relief Society. 

A few things that have helped calm my nerves:

  • There will only be time for two lessons before we go home for summer.
  • I could be in nursery.... 
  • At least it isn't the first Sunday, Fast Sunday, because then I would feel like I couldn't pass out treats.
  • Most of all, my Mommas comforting texts telling me that I am going to be fantastic! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Tupperware burglar

On one of my nights when Kelly was still in Utah on his Christmas break and I was stuck in Nebraska all alone, I went on a date with one of my BFFs. 
His name is TJ. 
Some of you might call him Maxx or even TJ Maxx. 
And that is where it all began... 
You might remember this post if you follow me on insta.
Now, let it be known that TJ is also my therapist. 
There is something about walking around that place that just calms me down and releases my stress.
Soooo therapeutic.

Anyways, back to the story. 
So I bought that beautiful mirror. How could I not? 24 of those 28 likes occurred while I was still in the store. 
I found me some frames (also from other TJ Maxx's and HomeGoods) and put together a conglomeration (oh and that key is from HomeGoods about a year ago #sistercompanies #soulmates) to hang in my kitchen.

One night while Kel and I are both snoozing, the very top frame got in a fight with the wall and plummeted to the ground, taking the frame below it along. 
We both woke up.
Kelly more than me. 
It went a little somethin like this 

K: Sits up. Lays down. Sits up. Holds still. 
R: "You okay?" (Mostly still sleeping and dreaming) 
K "Did you hear that?" 
R: "Yeah...." 
K: "What do you think it was?" 
R: "I don't know... Some Tupperware falling off the counter..?" (There was no Tupperware on the counter, but I did do dishes right before going to bed, hence the Tupperware on the mostly asleep brain) 
K: looks at me "Tupperware?" Like I'm an idiot. I was. Actually, I am. 
R: "Yeah... Just go to sleep" 
Kelly continues sitting up
K: "We'll don't you want to know what it was?"
R: I was waking up more at this point. "It was probably my frames falling off the wall.." 

That did the trick. He agreed it was the frames and we went back to sleep. 
But Kel was about ready to march down there with his gun. 
Those pesky Tupperware stealing picture frames....

So here you see round two of the frames because the first round of frames was found in pieces on the floor in the morning.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

lazy housewife problems

The only way I will fold laundry...

>> Netflix for a distraction
>>Chocolate (preferably M&Ms or Cadbury eggs)

Please tell me I'm not the only one.