Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Excuse me clock, please take a break.

The last month has gone by way too fast.

Stephanie is getting married in a week and a half

Caramie and her family are moving across the country in two months

Our house is basically sold

I have been moved home for almost a month and still don't have a job -- apparently I have bums disease, oh well

Want a longer list? Too bad. I have to go clean. Meh... It never ends. I'm still loving being home. I just wish time would slow down so I could spend more time with the little ones, the sisters, the parentals, and the best friends I haven't been able to do much reuniting with yet.

Please clock, please... slow down and take a break from your race.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A day needed by many

Last Friday we had our own little girls day out. Just Momma and the sisters. No children. No men. Just us. It was just what we needed. Reunited at last! We started off by going to a live filming of Studio 5. It's like a good morning/talk show kind of thing. We were all in hopes of winning one of the giveaways but you just have to know that with our luck, there's no chance of that happening. Ever. There could be the five of us in a room with only three other people and all three of those people would win before we did. But it was still fun! At least we got some cakebites and a snickers in our little free bag of goods.

I had to post this picture simply because of the lady behind us. Absolutely hilarious!

Now since that picture wasn't the greatest, we tried again. Still not the best, but better. We obviously aren't a very photogenic family. But this one shows the stage a little bit. Oh and even a bit of one of the camera men in the top right!

After the filming, we made our way to Gardners Village. We ate a yummy lunch then spent a quick minute in some of the shops. We wished we could have stayed longer but moms needed to get home to their babysitters. Overrated. But regardless, I love my sisters and mom!

I love days when we can escape like this. It doesn't matter how few hours of sleep I have gotten or how short of time we are able to do it, it is priceless!

..miss ri..

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thank you DSC

We freaking did it! ha Our associates. Huge deal last I checked. Dixie did us some good but for the most part, we're glad to be done with it! One good thing that resulted from our years spent in the sun is that we were honored to have President Monson speak at our commencement. It was awesome!

Dixie has some real winners. If you can't tell by the people surrounding us in this picture.

However, the people surrounding us in this picture helped make it all worth it!

I'm so glad to have an Associates of Science under my belt and I'm ready to move on to the next step in life. Whatever that may be...

..miss ri..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sometimes we act 17

I'm a terrible blogger. I am. And I accept it. I've let myself get so far behind. Oops! This post is for three of my favorite St George girls. Maddy, Bri, and Ash.

One day, we tried to go to the paint dance. Maddy went. The rest of us failed. So what were we supposed to do with our nice matching white shirts? Tie dye of course. But there is much more to the story than that. I'll let you make it up on your own as you look at the pictures.

Love every bit of them!

..miss ri..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day Seven and Eight

Day Seven
Your Best Friend

My best friend? Do I have to choose just one? Not possible. I believe that the reason I'm not anywhere close to getting married is because I have too many best friends which would result in a bazillion bridesmaids, not to mention how hard it would be to choose a maid of honor. So instead of telling about my best friend, I will give a list of some of my many best friends. Much better right? I like making up my own rules as I go..

We'll start with Alexandra Holst Brown. She's who I blogged about a couple posts ago. Such a strong girl!

Next is the girl I've spent the most time with over the past couple years. Ashlee Blaisdell (almost Neal). Stinkin girl is getting married. What the? Leavin me hanging. It's okay. I'm use to it.

Jordyn Bargsley/Pebbles/Lindsey. Really it's Lindsey. She's married. Like most of them. But she's the greatest. Always making me laugh.

Madeline King. She's kinda like a long lost best friend. We were so tight in High School but then we moved away from each other and didn't really lose touch but didn't talk as much. She's still on the top of my list though! Always thinking of me..

Stephanie Toyn. Gorgeous. Funny. Thoughtful. Reliable. Tough. What more can I say? haha

Ray Baby Olsen. I guess most people call her Raylynn but I prefer Ray Baby. Haven't seen her for a while but my heart is aching for a gathering.

Demi Martinez. The cutest girl your eyes will ever fall upon. She keeps me going in the social scene. Thank heavens.

There you have it! Just a sample of my favorites.

Day Eight
A Moment

This goes perrrfect with day seven! ha So me, Madison, and Ashlee were just cruisin' around the sunny city of St Jorge one day when Ashlee made a joke which probably would have been funny if we weren't in such a stingy mood but none of us laughed at it until like literally five seconds later Ash lets out this big loud "HAHAHAA!!" Honestly belts out the laugh, and only three of them. Maddy and I looked at each other with the most confused looks and Maddy asks me "Was that real?" haha I opened my eyes wide and put on a grin and nodded my head yes. It most definitely was real! We laughed so hard the rest of the way home. Our eyes were watering, our stomachs hurt, Maddys driving wasn't the safest, and it probably took us 4 minutes to walk to the door from the car because we had to take small breaks to laugh. Hilarious moment.

..miss ri..

Saturday, May 7, 2011

hello Perry!

I'm home, I'm home, I'm home, I'm home, I'm home, I'm home, I'm home, I'm home, I'm home!! But the last four days have been insane! Let me give you a little time line to help understand..

Wednesday:: five hours of sleep, terrible humanities final, long day in Vegas, pack.
Thursday:: five hours of sleep, wake up and leave Geezy at 7, heart breaking funeral, drive back to Geezy, midnight showing of Thor.
Friday:: pack, pack, pack, clean, run errands, pack, graduation, dinner, pack, clean, Something Borrowed, ice cream, late night conversations, clean, bed.
Saturday:: three hours of sleep, wake up at five to drive home, unload dads car, drive to logan for matts graduation, dinner, errands, home.

It feels so good to finally be home. But hey, St George will be missed! Well at least parts of it. Like the warmth and the tan lines and the friends and the family... and the bucket list that never was completed (Ahem, Ashy baby). But now I'm here and I have to figure out how to fit my St Jorge room into what I have left here for the last two years... Let's just say DI will be thanking me for filling their clothing racks for the next few months.

Guess I should get to work... meh.

Love home. Love family. Love change!

..miss ri..

Sunday, May 1, 2011

my heart goes out to her

Friday night I got one of the worst calls ever..

Ya know that friend that you may not hang out with anymore or really keep much contact with but you still love her to pieces? The one who was your left hand through the most critical times of your life? This post is for her.

Keep in mind that I am the worst writer on the face of the planet so really there is a lot more emotion going into this than you can feel.

Let me start off by telling you about the relationship I have with this girl. When I was 5, my family was building a new house so I spent a lot of time at the park that was just up the street. One day there was another girl and her brother there. We played for hours. When the sun went down and the mosquitoes were too much to handle, we ran home (to our not finished homes which happened to be across the street from each other) and asked our parents if we could have a sleepover. From that moment on we were inseparable.

I could write the worlds longest post about all the memories I share with my best friend. From making up dance routines on the tramp to tying a string from my bedroom window to hers so that we could pass notes in the night. We played soccer together, we went to Lagoon day after day every summer, we had sleepovers every chance possible, we got grounded together, we did everything together for years and years. Our freshman year of soccer we even got an award for being like Lucy and Ethel.

Now let me get to my point. Alex is married now and she couldn't be happier. Her and Ty make the cutest couple. For the last 7 or so months, I have been so excited for them and it has been tons of fun to watch them prepare for their little baby boy to be born. Only a couple more months until this precious little boy was brought into the arms of his loving mom and dad. Friday I got the kind of call that makes your heart drop and makes you feel like curling up into a ball and crying. Poor Alex had lost her baby. Thoughts were racing through my head like "Not Alex. She doesn't deserve this. She is so ready to be a mom!" I can't even explain the feeling I felt in my heart. It still feels broken.

It's been two days since I got the call and I haven't stopped thinking about her. I hate that I am 5 hours away and can't run to Alex and give her a warm hug. I know I move home on Saturday but I don't feel like that's soon enough. I want to be there for her right now, holding her hand and telling her that everything is going to be okay. Luckily she has an amazing husband for that but I just wish I could do more.

Alex is one of the strongest girls I know so I truly believe that with Ty by her side, they will pull through this.

Love you to pieces Beans, and don't you forget it.

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.

..miss ri..