Monday, December 3, 2012

just call me Rapunzel

Cute Tennille did the most amazing thing for her little fighter baby Jett. 
You can learn more about their little family here
For Jetts birthday, we sent off prayer or wish lanterns. 
These were even more fun than I was expecting! 

Meet Emily. 
We have been hanging out quite frequently due to four key things. 

one: our husbands are in the same class and section. 
two: she is hilarious and I fully enjoy her presence.
three: they are one of the only couples that don't have children.
four: we live across the street!

Since finals start next week, both of our husbands were glued to their books during this event. 
It was another "girls date" in the books for us I suppose!
At least we have each other.

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