Wednesday, October 31, 2012

where did I go?

See if you can spot me in these pictures because I'm wearing some serious camo and might blend in!

I decided to dress up for work. 
I didn't get too crazy because I still feel like the newby and didn't want to feel awkward. 
Therefore, regardless of how un-original it is, I stuck with the hunter costume because 
A) It is super comfy 
B) Not much planning was necessary and 
C) It was very safe. 

Not to mention that I got to wear my camo shoes. Okay, they aren't really camo. But they sure look like it when they are with a camo outfit! 

Check out how mean I look. Like I could kill a deer and not even feel bad.

After work, Kel and I sat on the couch, ate some sugary treats for dinner, and handed out candy. Seriously, hilarious. I love little kids. Especially these ones!

Don't mind my super cheesin-it smile. Ayz is flappin' her wings because she is a bumble be and that's what they do. 
She was so funny. They were skyping their grandparents and Ayz got right up next to the camera (like, almost nose-touching close) and just so softly said, "Hey. Wook at dis tute bumble bee. Hey. Wook at dis tute bumble bee. Hey. Wook at dis tute bumble bee."

After trick or treating, the Toyns came back over for some hot chocolate. I didn't get any pictures... oops. I guess I could go take a picture of the dishes in the sink but that probably wouldn't be very exciting for you. :)

Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

the truth about tonight

Tonight I am sitting in my messy house, cuddled on the couch in my PINK sweats and slippers made by momma.

I will admit that I am enjoying blog stalking a little too much to get up and do anything about the messiness or the loads of laundry waiting for my attention.

Dinner is done and I'm just waiting for my husby to get home so we can eat together.

In the meantime, let me share two things.

First, my BFF (FFFFFFFFFFF) Ashlee posted the cutest post. Because she is the bomb.

Second, listen to this song. Play it loud. It's a get-your-good-feelers-goin kind of song. It maybe even made me burst into a session of interpretive dancing in my kitchen. Good thing the blinds are closed.

PS-- You might have to go pause our wedding video from another post so that you don't have both things playing

It's a good one, huh?
I stole it from Annie.
I just wish I could have a secret pass to all of her music.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

him and i

k and r
me and him
the whites

he is the funny one
i am the laugher

he is captain logic
i am not

he only likes snuggles if he is cold
i will take snuggles any place, any time
i will even snuggle if he doesn't snuggle back

he prefers oreos
i go for chips ahoy

he sleeps on top of both sheets and under the comforter
i sleep between the sheets and under the comforter, like normal people

he is a phone talker
i am not even a text talker

he picked me
i picked him

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

play by play

♥ 10:30 PM Send text to Caramie saying "I don't work until 10:30 tomorrow. We shall take a gallivant to the salvage yard. See you at 9:00. Peace and blessings."
♥ 9:05 AM Caramie walks in her door after taking Hadlee to School, only to find me eating a bowl of cereal in her kitchen. 
♥ 9:15 AM We arrive at the salvage yard and find many treasures but leave with none because the funny mexicans wanted too many dollars for an old crate box. "Ya know, dey don't make dem like dis anymore. Twenty dolla." Uhm... no thanks. I'll come back when your boss man is here. He gives better deals.
♥ 9:30 AM Caramie wants to show me another place we should go look.
♥ 9:37 AM I say "remember that one time we went the wrong way on a one way? We shouldn't be allowed to be downtown together. That has happened one 
too many times."
♥ 9:42 AM We arrive at the other place but they are closed. We make a U-turn.
♥ 9:42 (and 34 seconds) AM We find ourselves going the wrong way on a one way.
♥ 9:43 AHHHH!! (I scream like a crazy person)  Crash.

And that is how Caramie got in a wreck.
I will take 49% of the blame. 
Poor sister. 
I am so sorry.

These poor children are probably traumatized.
Mostly from my scream, not the crash. 
See the cop there through the window? He was actually pretty cool.

When I was in the car with the girls and Caramie was talking to the cop, Cora said, "Dat wed caw (red car) is mean. Dat caw hit me. I hate dat caw."

And now Ayz says, "Tum wook at mine car. Is broken."

Monday, October 8, 2012

I need help...

This post relates a lot to my last one except I am not in love with how this one turned out. 

In my head, it was going to be adorable but when it came to life, it turned out to be pretty... blah. 

I have this large ceramic pot that I really want to make a statement. 
Again, I love this thing.
I may or may not have spent lots of wedding dollars on it at Pottery Barn.

It needs something and I thought this was just going to be all-that-and-a-bag-a-chips but it's really not floating my boat. 

I mean, when have book page hearts ever not worked out?
Until now.

I am open for suggestions.
What do I do with this thaaaang?

Kelly says we should grow a tree in it :)  
Perhaps a love fern!! ♥

Sunday, October 7, 2012

beans beans the magical fruit

I'll let you finish the song.

This is our trough.
This is how I filled it! 
With beans. 
I have been in love with this trough from the moment I saw it. We bought it for the wedding and as cute as it is, it was hard to find a place for it, but we did. Now it resides on our kitchen table. I looooove it. 
It has sat empty for a couple months with plans of filling it but yesterday, it finally happened. 
And look how cuuuuuute!! 

Did I mention I love it? 

And I will leave you with this conglomeration for a laugh. 
Coras idea. 
"Wets do anooooddder one!!"
We are happy. 
We are in love. 
Things are good.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Welcome to Omaha!

I would like for you all to have a little taste of Omaha so.. 
Here you go! 

These are the big slides right in the middle of downtown Omaha. 
Seriously, every time we go here, my inner child comes out. 
I have to restrain myself from making the loop of running up the stairs and coming down the slide again and again and again.

This here is just a nice little park in the middle of town. 

Now this... this is a glorified picture of the pedestrian bridge.
I quite enjoy it. And you know the funnest part?

Right in the middle of it, you cross the border into Iowa. Ha! Neat huh?

This picture doesn't really have anything to do with tourism of Omaha but it does have to do with three of my favorite little stinkers! 
I love surprise visits from them. Even if it is just to get a popsicle. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

five eleven twelve

So basically.. I'll just tell you it was the best day of our lives. 
Well, at least I hope Kelly agrees with me! :) 
And let me set this straight because we were asked a bajillion times at our reception, Kelly is not a pilot. Nor am I. Nor is my dad. Or his dad. Or really anyone in relation to us. But if you refer back to this post, you might understand why we decided to have our reception in the airport hanger.  
Annnd... you might have to go pause the other video that is a couple posts down so you don't have double time music going on!

The latest DIY

Allow me to share this little project with you. It's only taken me about two weeks to finally take the time to finish it. 
Not a big deal.

I started with just a big blank canvas from Hobby Lobby. Thank heavens for their 40% off coupons or this project would not have happened. 
I used a little lot of Mod Podge and randomly glued these book pages on. 

Next, I put some vinyl lettering right on top. After the mod podge had dried of course.
Thanks to my momma and our friend Sherie who cut this vinyl for me all the way back in Utah. 

I promise it's on there. Just a little camouflaged. 

Then I painted right over all of it! A solid two coats with just good old craft paint that is like 67 cents at hobby lobby.

All I had to do then was peel the vinyl off and check it out!!
Project complete. Almost.

 I grabbed my husby, and asked him oh so very kindly if he would hang my masterpiece on the wall. Poor kid thinks I am decorating the house for some homeless people to come live in. 

There she is! Such a beaut! 

Sorry you can't read it very good.. but if you are on the questionable side, Kelly will assure you that it is 
"Oh my gosh! Uh! So. CUTE!" 
haha gosh I love him.