Wednesday, July 10, 2013

we survived with no injuries

As some of you may know, 4th of July seems to have a curse for Kel and I. 
The summer that we started dating, both of us came out of 4th of July celebrations with injuries. Kellys was a little more tragic than mine. 
I blogged about my story when it happened so you can see it here. And I have a beautiful scar now to show I survived. 
Kelly on the other hand, I don't think I ever blogged about so here is a quick outline of what happened. 

Kel and I were at the Brigham City fireworks with my family when all of a sudden, Kelly flipped over into the fetal position and started rocking. I thought he was joking... I mean, if you've met the kid, you would too. Finally he told me something hit him in the eye and I knew he wasn't joking. We kept asking if we should take him to the hospital or call his parents or drive him home or what and he just said "Nah... I'm fine." Whatever Kel. (He says he was trying to look tough) I wouldn't allow him to drive himself home because HELLLLLOOO!!! A freaking marble just fell from the sky and landed in your eyeball!! Yes. A charcoal marble. We found it on the blanket. So I drove him home (which PS was a 50 minute drive from Brigham to Bountiful but I think we made it in 30) where his mother greeted him (not me! Another funny story. Hi Carolyn!) and took him to the ER. 
Don't worry. He is fine now. Well, as far as the doctor can tell. He just has some red dots in his eye that will most likely be there forever. And that is why his eye was swollen in the picture I posted in my last post. 

So now we are a little apprehensive about fireworks and wear goggles and boots. 

Now that you have a little more of our relationship history, I will tell you all about how we spent this 4th.

Our friends Chris and Lauren had their beautiful babe on the 2nd. 
Meet Will. 
And doesn't Lauren look so good for just giving birth?

And here you will see a rare photo of Kel. 
Holding a baby. 
AND smiling ;)

After leaving the hospital, we headed to our friends house where we got to watch fireworks from above in his back yard. It's safer that way! 

And we got to spend the night with these cool cats.

Finally, on the 4th, we went up to the cabin where we hung out until it was time to go to the Oakley Rodeo! This is a tradition for the Whites but since we went to Stadium of Fire last year instead, this was my first year. I love rodeos for many reasons. One of the main ones being the superb people watching!

And that's how we survived another 4th of July with no injures. We are going on 2 years strong now.