Friday, April 29, 2011

a thank you to the wise chinese

So I'm just sitting here, working on the take home part of my History final that is tonight and I decide that my brain is fried. I look to my left to see a fortune cookie that has been sitting on my nightstand for the last few days. The chubby girl inside me made the decision to take a little break and indulge in the foreign treat. It was so yummy but everyone knows that you can't read the fortune until the cookie is all gone. When it finally came time to see what life was going to throw at me next, these are the words I read..

Font size

What is that supposed to mean? Somebody please inform me. What decision have I been procrastinating? What school to go to? What course my education shall take? Where to live? I don't know that any of them are per se, "overdue."

Thank you fortune cookie for making my thoughts wonder and leaving me guessing..

..miss ri..

Saturday, April 23, 2011

home sweet home


colder that St Jorge
new shoes and shorts
almost five crown family champ
sleeping in my own bed
morning workout with sister, Caramie
crepes for breakfast

Just thought I would give a sample of what my weekend has started off to be! I've only been up here for seventeen and a half hours. We still have a Saturday to fill, Easter Bunny to visit, and a trip to Idaho before I head back to my last two weeks of school! Bring it on!

..miss ri..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

we'll pretend they're mine

I know these pictures are from like a month ago but... I couldn't leave them un-posted. They're from Spring Break, which was the weekend of St Pattys Day. In case you were wondering, that was a while ago. I decided last minute (literally) to ride home with Ash. What was I thinking not planning that in the first place?

Now let me just put it out there that I have the worlds cutest nieces and nephews. There. I said it. They might be brats sometimes but I still love them to pieces.

Since my sister and her family are helping my mother fill our unoccupied home, here is a little taste of what I get to go home to. I can't wait for the day when I move back in with them! I know they're not my children but I feel that I have every right to use them for a blog post.

Hadlee is the sweetest big sister with Ayzlie.

Okay so Caramie and I decided to set out on an adventure of the doctors office, lunch at Cafe Rio, and shopping. Pretty simple, right? Wrong. We didn't know what we were getting ourselves into.

I sat in the waiting room with Cora and Hadlee at the doctors office while Caramie took Ayzlie back with the doctor. The first twenty minutes were just fine. The last hour was chaos. But they look like sweet little angels in this picture don't they? Don't let them fool you. They fought over that horse. And the crayons. And the books. And they ate sticky, messy suckers. And they almost broke the table. And Cora decided to run away down the hall. Aunt Riley was not prepared for this.

By the end of the day, we were literally dead tired and Caramie and I were down to our last straw with whiny little children. Every stop we made felt like a marathon in itself. I would dare say this picture of Cora shows how all five of us felt. Cute little peanut (when she's sleeping.. haha)!

Okay so St Patricks morning was hilarious. This is what Hadlee had decided she was going to wear to school. We tried to change her outfit but she wouldn't have it. She needed to wear every green item in her wardrobe.

Please take note of the different shades of green and the white shirt, the white leggings, and the tall white socks. Not to mention the black shoes. Go Hads.

After some serious persuasion, we got her to wear this. Still not her most adorable outfit but about a bajillion times better. She's a doll and she cracks me right up. Take notice of how she always poses for pictures. ha! Absolutely love her.

So that's a little peek of what a weekend at home can consist of. Some other factors may include dress shopping with Ash, a day in the city with the girls, a Wingers salad with mom, 3 caramellos, late night walmart trips for the necessities, and a BC catch up.

..miss ri..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

lower case mood

welcome to my pity party.

ya know those days... when nothing major has gone wrong but you just want to break down and cry? it's all the little things that keep piling up inside you and you've done so good at dealing with them but then all of a sudden it feels like you're going to burst. that's today.

i'm not looking for sympathy. i'm just looking for somewhere to let it out and this is the place. blogger. thank heavens for blogger! here are my issues.

-school has become way too much.
-growing up is not for me.
-money. really? why does it have to ruin our lives?
-i want to live with ashlee and maddy.
-everyone is getting engaged. excuse me.. please pass the boys this way.
-boys in general... they skip me and ask for my friends number. awesome.
-dsc. get me out of here. i just want my family!
-we have a bucket list to complete. we haven't checked hardly anything off. we're that lame.
-i officially suck at softball.
-my phone is new. and freakin' slow. why?!
-i need a job for when i move home.
-i want a rockin bod but i know it's impossible.
-i/maddy broke ashlees necklace and i need to fix it.
-i'm so ready to move. but not.
-i look 17. ahem. i'm 20.
-depression=shopping=no money=depression. endless cycle.
-my car needs an oil change. i swear she drinks oil.
-my social life consists of my humanities book, my lab manual, and my history assignment.

moral of the story: i'm dropping out of school. i will return home to live with my mommy. i will not have a job because instead i will sell my soul to cupid in hopes that he will work his magic in my neck of the woods.

that's all folks

..ri dogg..

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

day six

Your Day

Today was a day just like any other.
Ya know that Jack's Mannequin song that starts like that? Usually, I could start this post with that but today wasn't a day just like any other. Today was a taste of summer.

9:00-class canceled
10:41-woke up and got out of bed
10:43-realized how grotesque our bathroom sink had become
10:44-cleaned bathroom
11:06-continued my cleaning spree to my room by unpacking bags and washing sheets
11:32-showered :)
11:49-read a text from Ashlee informing me she was out of class and walking home
12:11-started making eggs for Ash and I
12:25-put on my swimming suit
12:37-walked to the pool
1:30-left pool with a new shade of bronze
1:33-made my self at least look presentable
1:56-went to work
2:21-talked to Chris about boating everyday this summer
2:22-instantly became envious of those who can (and will) really do that

Now I sit here at work. I've already wasted 3 hours and 12 minutes stalking blogs and catching up on every ones life on "the Book." Here is how I assume the rest of my evening will carry out.

5:16-wash and fold towels (I just can't seem to get away from laundry)
6:00- leave work
6:05-go get ready with Maddy
7:00- go bowling for Brons birthday
8:00- go to Brookes house for cake and ice cream
9:00-go home and get ready for softball
9:30-take the field and dominate, because everyone knows I'm a softball player
12:00 (if I'm lucky)-go to bed

Now I will leave you with this day in the life of Riley and I will get back to HeyTelling and Facebook chatting.
Much love

..miss ri..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

day five -- finally

Your Definition of Love

After reading many funny definitions of love on (no, I don't have anything better do to) I have come back to my life long theory and conclusion that there are many different meanings of love.

  • You don't love your dog like you love snowcones.
  • You don't love snickers like you love that burn in your legs after a long run.
  • You don't love skinny dipping like you love a big paycheck.
  • You don't love your significant other like you love a week in Lake Powell.
  • You don't love pranking people like you love your best friend.
  • You don't love camping like you love eating dessert first.
  • You don't love your great aunt Rita like you secretly love facebook stalking.

Am I right? I like to believe so. And just in case you were wondering, this is how you spell love.

Don't mind our beautiful Lake-Powell-esque look. By day two of Lake Powell, who cares anymore?

Okay now let me get a little more serious and share a little bit of my heart with you. I remember when President Hinckley died. I was distraught. He was the only Prophet and leader of our church I knew. He was as good as it could get. His cute old wrinkly self, waving his cane, cracking jokes, letting his light and love shine. He was more than an amazing man.

I didn't want President Monson. I was unfamiliar with him and there was no way he could be as good as President Hinckley. I was wrong. Through the few years that President Monson has been our Prophet, my heart has grown an unimaginable amount towards him. I'm not very good with words so it's hard to express how much I love this man. He might not be the cute old man we had before but he is the leader of our church and I love and trust him with everything I have. While watching conference last weekend, I could literally feel my love for him burning. It's so crazy how such a strong feeling can develop without even realizing it's happening. This man represents one of my strongest meanings of love. I love the Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

..miss ri..

I'll teach you.

Have you been wondering how to make those horrid Saturdays (ya know, the ones where you have to work instead of take advantage of sleeping in and cuddling up with your favorite blanket while facebook stalking, blog reading, and music listening only to be followed with memories to be made in your last month in the sunny, college life city?) better? Well, allow me to help.

First:: miss your movie night with your two best SG friends Friday night, causing a hangover of depression when you wake up Saturday morning.

Second:: don't only be responsible and go to work a few minutes early, but go an hour early. Everyone knows that the gym opens at 7 on Saturdays, Riley. Not 6. That extra hour of sleep wasn't necessary to add to your four and a half hours anyways..

Third:: realize that in the next three weeks of school you have a minimum of 5 papers to write, 3 tests to take, and 1 large group assignment. Plus finals.

I think there are three letters to sum up my feelings right now. Letters number 6, 13, and 12 of the alphabet. In that order. Those will do the trick.

..ri dogg..

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a little taste of today

Today is a great day. It's all the little things that keep happening that are making it so splendid. I will share them with you. In list form. Because I like lists.

--we got out of my one and only class of the day early
--I get to chat with my Madison on Heytell while I work
--for some reason I am in a very happy mood. even with limited hours of sleep
--I got asked to the insti-fruit dance this weekend. that deserves a woot woot!
--today was the first day of laying out by the pool with the girls
--finally got to see Miss Mikyla!
--Miss Mikyla may or may not have hooked us up with orange cream snowcones. mm...
--as Maddy and I ate our snowcones, we jammed out to a song called orange cream. coincidental.
--my big asian friend brought his ipad to me to use til graduation
--tonight I am going to get paid while doing homework and watching Maddy play volleyball
--leftover Cafe Rio for lunch AND dinner

I'm sure I'm forgetting something but... oh well! I think you get the point that it has been a beautiful day. Bring on summer!

Oh yea... I haven't forgotten about day five. It is coming. But I don't feel like it's something I can rush so it's going to need to wait for a day that I don't have to come into work for four different shifts.

..miss ri..

Saturday, April 2, 2011

You know you're a loser when.. (plus day four)

You might be able to finish this sentence with a clever joking phrase but... this is how it happened in my life yesterday.

You know you're a loser when you tell your friend you have a date and she asks if you're "April Fools-ing" her.

haha This is hilarious right? Luckily I love the girl to pieces and know she meant no harm by it. It really made me laugh!

now for day four
What You Ate Today

Since it's only the morning and all I've had is breakfast, I think I'll do what I ate yesterday instead of today. Keep in mind that I was out with Ashlee and her mom dress shopping so it wasn't real meals. But, totally acceptable in my book.

tootie fruities
vanilla coke
banana laffy taffy (2, for my pleasure)
rumbi grill
lots of lemon water
pretzel maker pretzel
a few animal crackers
raspberries and cream

Healthy, right? ha But listen, I am on vacation! I eat what I want and I don't feel guilty about it! And when my sister wakes me up and asks if I want to work out at 5 in the morning, I tell her no. That's how my life goes when I come home. It's a great feeling! I love coming home...

..miss ri..