Friday, April 29, 2011

a thank you to the wise chinese

So I'm just sitting here, working on the take home part of my History final that is tonight and I decide that my brain is fried. I look to my left to see a fortune cookie that has been sitting on my nightstand for the last few days. The chubby girl inside me made the decision to take a little break and indulge in the foreign treat. It was so yummy but everyone knows that you can't read the fortune until the cookie is all gone. When it finally came time to see what life was going to throw at me next, these are the words I read..

Font size

What is that supposed to mean? Somebody please inform me. What decision have I been procrastinating? What school to go to? What course my education shall take? Where to live? I don't know that any of them are per se, "overdue."

Thank you fortune cookie for making my thoughts wonder and leaving me guessing..

..miss ri..

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