Thursday, April 14, 2011

lower case mood

welcome to my pity party.

ya know those days... when nothing major has gone wrong but you just want to break down and cry? it's all the little things that keep piling up inside you and you've done so good at dealing with them but then all of a sudden it feels like you're going to burst. that's today.

i'm not looking for sympathy. i'm just looking for somewhere to let it out and this is the place. blogger. thank heavens for blogger! here are my issues.

-school has become way too much.
-growing up is not for me.
-money. really? why does it have to ruin our lives?
-i want to live with ashlee and maddy.
-everyone is getting engaged. excuse me.. please pass the boys this way.
-boys in general... they skip me and ask for my friends number. awesome.
-dsc. get me out of here. i just want my family!
-we have a bucket list to complete. we haven't checked hardly anything off. we're that lame.
-i officially suck at softball.
-my phone is new. and freakin' slow. why?!
-i need a job for when i move home.
-i want a rockin bod but i know it's impossible.
-i/maddy broke ashlees necklace and i need to fix it.
-i'm so ready to move. but not.
-i look 17. ahem. i'm 20.
-depression=shopping=no money=depression. endless cycle.
-my car needs an oil change. i swear she drinks oil.
-my social life consists of my humanities book, my lab manual, and my history assignment.

moral of the story: i'm dropping out of school. i will return home to live with my mommy. i will not have a job because instead i will sell my soul to cupid in hopes that he will work his magic in my neck of the woods.

that's all folks

..ri dogg..


  1. Love you Ri Dogg!

    I promise Mr. Wonderful will find you soon. Those boys are stuuuupid because you are a beautiful girl. You DON"T look 17.

    Really, you can be my maid/nanny. I'll pay you. Not alot bu I will pay you. LOL Cant wait for you to be home.

  2. Oh my little my Riley-Bug wow it sounds like we honestly needed a girls night out. But in a good way i'm glad we didn't (if you get what i mean bahaha) But honestly when the summer comes you know where both of us are gonna be my house your house my house your house!! It's gonna be a splendid summer and we will get to our bucket list i promise. I love you girlie!!