Saturday, April 9, 2011

day five -- finally

Your Definition of Love

After reading many funny definitions of love on (no, I don't have anything better do to) I have come back to my life long theory and conclusion that there are many different meanings of love.

  • You don't love your dog like you love snowcones.
  • You don't love snickers like you love that burn in your legs after a long run.
  • You don't love skinny dipping like you love a big paycheck.
  • You don't love your significant other like you love a week in Lake Powell.
  • You don't love pranking people like you love your best friend.
  • You don't love camping like you love eating dessert first.
  • You don't love your great aunt Rita like you secretly love facebook stalking.

Am I right? I like to believe so. And just in case you were wondering, this is how you spell love.

Don't mind our beautiful Lake-Powell-esque look. By day two of Lake Powell, who cares anymore?

Okay now let me get a little more serious and share a little bit of my heart with you. I remember when President Hinckley died. I was distraught. He was the only Prophet and leader of our church I knew. He was as good as it could get. His cute old wrinkly self, waving his cane, cracking jokes, letting his light and love shine. He was more than an amazing man.

I didn't want President Monson. I was unfamiliar with him and there was no way he could be as good as President Hinckley. I was wrong. Through the few years that President Monson has been our Prophet, my heart has grown an unimaginable amount towards him. I'm not very good with words so it's hard to express how much I love this man. He might not be the cute old man we had before but he is the leader of our church and I love and trust him with everything I have. While watching conference last weekend, I could literally feel my love for him burning. It's so crazy how such a strong feeling can develop without even realizing it's happening. This man represents one of my strongest meanings of love. I love the Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

..miss ri..

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