Tuesday, April 19, 2011

we'll pretend they're mine

I know these pictures are from like a month ago but... I couldn't leave them un-posted. They're from Spring Break, which was the weekend of St Pattys Day. In case you were wondering, that was a while ago. I decided last minute (literally) to ride home with Ash. What was I thinking not planning that in the first place?

Now let me just put it out there that I have the worlds cutest nieces and nephews. There. I said it. They might be brats sometimes but I still love them to pieces.

Since my sister and her family are helping my mother fill our unoccupied home, here is a little taste of what I get to go home to. I can't wait for the day when I move back in with them! I know they're not my children but I feel that I have every right to use them for a blog post.

Hadlee is the sweetest big sister with Ayzlie.

Okay so Caramie and I decided to set out on an adventure of the doctors office, lunch at Cafe Rio, and shopping. Pretty simple, right? Wrong. We didn't know what we were getting ourselves into.

I sat in the waiting room with Cora and Hadlee at the doctors office while Caramie took Ayzlie back with the doctor. The first twenty minutes were just fine. The last hour was chaos. But they look like sweet little angels in this picture don't they? Don't let them fool you. They fought over that horse. And the crayons. And the books. And they ate sticky, messy suckers. And they almost broke the table. And Cora decided to run away down the hall. Aunt Riley was not prepared for this.

By the end of the day, we were literally dead tired and Caramie and I were down to our last straw with whiny little children. Every stop we made felt like a marathon in itself. I would dare say this picture of Cora shows how all five of us felt. Cute little peanut (when she's sleeping.. haha)!

Okay so St Patricks morning was hilarious. This is what Hadlee had decided she was going to wear to school. We tried to change her outfit but she wouldn't have it. She needed to wear every green item in her wardrobe.

Please take note of the different shades of green and the white shirt, the white leggings, and the tall white socks. Not to mention the black shoes. Go Hads.

After some serious persuasion, we got her to wear this. Still not her most adorable outfit but about a bajillion times better. She's a doll and she cracks me right up. Take notice of how she always poses for pictures. ha! Absolutely love her.

So that's a little peek of what a weekend at home can consist of. Some other factors may include dress shopping with Ash, a day in the city with the girls, a Wingers salad with mom, 3 caramellos, late night walmart trips for the necessities, and a BC catch up.

..miss ri..

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