Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'll teach you.

Have you been wondering how to make those horrid Saturdays (ya know, the ones where you have to work instead of take advantage of sleeping in and cuddling up with your favorite blanket while facebook stalking, blog reading, and music listening only to be followed with memories to be made in your last month in the sunny, college life city?) better? Well, allow me to help.

First:: miss your movie night with your two best SG friends Friday night, causing a hangover of depression when you wake up Saturday morning.

Second:: don't only be responsible and go to work a few minutes early, but go an hour early. Everyone knows that the gym opens at 7 on Saturdays, Riley. Not 6. That extra hour of sleep wasn't necessary to add to your four and a half hours anyways..

Third:: realize that in the next three weeks of school you have a minimum of 5 papers to write, 3 tests to take, and 1 large group assignment. Plus finals.

I think there are three letters to sum up my feelings right now. Letters number 6, 13, and 12 of the alphabet. In that order. Those will do the trick.

..ri dogg..

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