Sunday, May 1, 2011

my heart goes out to her

Friday night I got one of the worst calls ever..

Ya know that friend that you may not hang out with anymore or really keep much contact with but you still love her to pieces? The one who was your left hand through the most critical times of your life? This post is for her.

Keep in mind that I am the worst writer on the face of the planet so really there is a lot more emotion going into this than you can feel.

Let me start off by telling you about the relationship I have with this girl. When I was 5, my family was building a new house so I spent a lot of time at the park that was just up the street. One day there was another girl and her brother there. We played for hours. When the sun went down and the mosquitoes were too much to handle, we ran home (to our not finished homes which happened to be across the street from each other) and asked our parents if we could have a sleepover. From that moment on we were inseparable.

I could write the worlds longest post about all the memories I share with my best friend. From making up dance routines on the tramp to tying a string from my bedroom window to hers so that we could pass notes in the night. We played soccer together, we went to Lagoon day after day every summer, we had sleepovers every chance possible, we got grounded together, we did everything together for years and years. Our freshman year of soccer we even got an award for being like Lucy and Ethel.

Now let me get to my point. Alex is married now and she couldn't be happier. Her and Ty make the cutest couple. For the last 7 or so months, I have been so excited for them and it has been tons of fun to watch them prepare for their little baby boy to be born. Only a couple more months until this precious little boy was brought into the arms of his loving mom and dad. Friday I got the kind of call that makes your heart drop and makes you feel like curling up into a ball and crying. Poor Alex had lost her baby. Thoughts were racing through my head like "Not Alex. She doesn't deserve this. She is so ready to be a mom!" I can't even explain the feeling I felt in my heart. It still feels broken.

It's been two days since I got the call and I haven't stopped thinking about her. I hate that I am 5 hours away and can't run to Alex and give her a warm hug. I know I move home on Saturday but I don't feel like that's soon enough. I want to be there for her right now, holding her hand and telling her that everything is going to be okay. Luckily she has an amazing husband for that but I just wish I could do more.

Alex is one of the strongest girls I know so I truly believe that with Ty by her side, they will pull through this.

Love you to pieces Beans, and don't you forget it.

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.

..miss ri..

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  1. I know, Riley. I thought the same thing... Not Alex. She doesn't have to do something this hard. Glad you will be there Saturday. Give her a hug for me too.