Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a little taste of today

Today is a great day. It's all the little things that keep happening that are making it so splendid. I will share them with you. In list form. Because I like lists.

--we got out of my one and only class of the day early
--I get to chat with my Madison on Heytell while I work
--for some reason I am in a very happy mood. even with limited hours of sleep
--I got asked to the insti-fruit dance this weekend. that deserves a woot woot!
--today was the first day of laying out by the pool with the girls
--finally got to see Miss Mikyla!
--Miss Mikyla may or may not have hooked us up with orange cream snowcones. mm...
--as Maddy and I ate our snowcones, we jammed out to a song called orange cream. coincidental.
--my big asian friend brought his ipad to me to use til graduation
--tonight I am going to get paid while doing homework and watching Maddy play volleyball
--leftover Cafe Rio for lunch AND dinner

I'm sure I'm forgetting something but... oh well! I think you get the point that it has been a beautiful day. Bring on summer!

Oh yea... I haven't forgotten about day five. It is coming. But I don't feel like it's something I can rush so it's going to need to wait for a day that I don't have to come into work for four different shifts.

..miss ri..

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