Tuesday, April 12, 2011

day six

Your Day

Today was a day just like any other.
Ya know that Jack's Mannequin song that starts like that? Usually, I could start this post with that but today wasn't a day just like any other. Today was a taste of summer.

9:00-class canceled
10:41-woke up and got out of bed
10:43-realized how grotesque our bathroom sink had become
10:44-cleaned bathroom
11:06-continued my cleaning spree to my room by unpacking bags and washing sheets
11:32-showered :)
11:49-read a text from Ashlee informing me she was out of class and walking home
12:11-started making eggs for Ash and I
12:25-put on my swimming suit
12:37-walked to the pool
1:30-left pool with a new shade of bronze
1:33-made my self at least look presentable
1:56-went to work
2:21-talked to Chris about boating everyday this summer
2:22-instantly became envious of those who can (and will) really do that

Now I sit here at work. I've already wasted 3 hours and 12 minutes stalking blogs and catching up on every ones life on "the Book." Here is how I assume the rest of my evening will carry out.

5:16-wash and fold towels (I just can't seem to get away from laundry)
6:00- leave work
6:05-go get ready with Maddy
7:00- go bowling for Brons birthday
8:00- go to Brookes house for cake and ice cream
9:00-go home and get ready for softball
9:30-take the field and dominate, because everyone knows I'm a softball player
12:00 (if I'm lucky)-go to bed

Now I will leave you with this day in the life of Riley and I will get back to HeyTelling and Facebook chatting.
Much love

..miss ri..

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