Thursday, November 1, 2012

a little Nauvoo vacation

This post is long over due. Along with 90% of my posts..... oh well. At least it is finally getting done!

Over fall break, Kellys parents came out to visit! We picked them up at the airport late late late at night.
{check out the miles on my poor camry! I guess that's what happens when you go to school at Dixie for two years, date a handsome boy that lives at least 30 miles away for a year, and then make the drive to Omaha.}

We woke up the next morning and made the drive to Nauvoo!
It was rainy and beautiful the entire trip. This is the bridge to cross the Mississippi River.
After taking our bags to the Bed and Breakfast, we hurried over to our appointment at the temple. It was Doug and Carolyns 30th Anniversary so we did a whole bunch of sealings. Such a special and different experience!
We stayed at Willard Richards home which was really quite awesome.
This was our room. It was on the very top level and almost was like an attic. The lady told us that it was used as a temple while the Nauvoo temple was being built. Not many people can say they have slept in the temple!

Look! Joseph Smith! Oh, wait. That's my cute husband :)

 Call me weird, but aren't these stairs cute? Look how it rounds at the top. I love old stairways like this for some reason.. and there were two flights of them. Old homes are so beautiful to me.
 The Inn was on White Street. Ha! How perfect! 
And this is why you shouldn't ask my husband to take a picture. He is such a goof. 
"Oh! You wanted to be in the picture? Let me try again."
 One of my very favorite pictures. Ever. But I am so sad that it was taken on Kellys phone because if I ever wanted to blow it up or anything like that, the quality would suck. I forgot my phone in Omaha (worst thing EVER.) and that is what I usually use as my camera because it has such great quality. Seriously, so upsetting.

 Here are my cute inlaws while walking around and checking out the sites. So cute! Happy 30 years to them!

Another photo of my husband trying to mess up my pictures. 
"Oh! Oops. Were you taking a picture?"
He knew darn well that I was taking a picture! 
If you are ever going to Nauvoo, go in the fall! It is beautiful beyond description. Like, inspiring. 
This is on our way to Carthage Jail.
Mississippi River on the right, forest of pretty leaves on the left, and rain coming down.
 Being in the jail and hearing the stories of Joseph Smith was something unreal.
This is the window Joseph Smith fell out of after being shot.
 This is the original door which means that those are the original bullet holes.

After a looooong drive back to Omaha on Sunday night, we woke up on Monday and went to see all that we could see! This included the Winter Quarters temple and visitor center. Please laugh with us at this photo! Such cool inlaws I have!
It felt so good to spend time with Doug and Carolyn! It's amazing how much of a boost it will give you to have family around. Maybe we will survive until Christmas now!

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