Wednesday, October 31, 2012

where did I go?

See if you can spot me in these pictures because I'm wearing some serious camo and might blend in!

I decided to dress up for work. 
I didn't get too crazy because I still feel like the newby and didn't want to feel awkward. 
Therefore, regardless of how un-original it is, I stuck with the hunter costume because 
A) It is super comfy 
B) Not much planning was necessary and 
C) It was very safe. 

Not to mention that I got to wear my camo shoes. Okay, they aren't really camo. But they sure look like it when they are with a camo outfit! 

Check out how mean I look. Like I could kill a deer and not even feel bad.

After work, Kel and I sat on the couch, ate some sugary treats for dinner, and handed out candy. Seriously, hilarious. I love little kids. Especially these ones!

Don't mind my super cheesin-it smile. Ayz is flappin' her wings because she is a bumble be and that's what they do. 
She was so funny. They were skyping their grandparents and Ayz got right up next to the camera (like, almost nose-touching close) and just so softly said, "Hey. Wook at dis tute bumble bee. Hey. Wook at dis tute bumble bee. Hey. Wook at dis tute bumble bee."

After trick or treating, the Toyns came back over for some hot chocolate. I didn't get any pictures... oops. I guess I could go take a picture of the dishes in the sink but that probably wouldn't be very exciting for you. :)

Happy Halloween!!

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