Monday, October 1, 2012

The latest DIY

Allow me to share this little project with you. It's only taken me about two weeks to finally take the time to finish it. 
Not a big deal.

I started with just a big blank canvas from Hobby Lobby. Thank heavens for their 40% off coupons or this project would not have happened. 
I used a little lot of Mod Podge and randomly glued these book pages on. 

Next, I put some vinyl lettering right on top. After the mod podge had dried of course.
Thanks to my momma and our friend Sherie who cut this vinyl for me all the way back in Utah. 

I promise it's on there. Just a little camouflaged. 

Then I painted right over all of it! A solid two coats with just good old craft paint that is like 67 cents at hobby lobby.

All I had to do then was peel the vinyl off and check it out!!
Project complete. Almost.

 I grabbed my husby, and asked him oh so very kindly if he would hang my masterpiece on the wall. Poor kid thinks I am decorating the house for some homeless people to come live in. 

There she is! Such a beaut! 

Sorry you can't read it very good.. but if you are on the questionable side, Kelly will assure you that it is 
"Oh my gosh! Uh! So. CUTE!" 
haha gosh I love him.


  1. Oh i love it! Are you making me one now too :)!!! It looks adorable ri miss you!!

  2. I love a good DIY project, and this one is cute! Pinterest worthy for sure. And what a good hubby to hang it up.