Tuesday, October 9, 2012

play by play

♥ 10:30 PM Send text to Caramie saying "I don't work until 10:30 tomorrow. We shall take a gallivant to the salvage yard. See you at 9:00. Peace and blessings."
♥ 9:05 AM Caramie walks in her door after taking Hadlee to School, only to find me eating a bowl of cereal in her kitchen. 
♥ 9:15 AM We arrive at the salvage yard and find many treasures but leave with none because the funny mexicans wanted too many dollars for an old crate box. "Ya know, dey don't make dem like dis anymore. Twenty dolla." Uhm... no thanks. I'll come back when your boss man is here. He gives better deals.
♥ 9:30 AM Caramie wants to show me another place we should go look.
♥ 9:37 AM I say "remember that one time we went the wrong way on a one way? We shouldn't be allowed to be downtown together. That has happened one 
too many times."
♥ 9:42 AM We arrive at the other place but they are closed. We make a U-turn.
♥ 9:42 (and 34 seconds) AM We find ourselves going the wrong way on a one way.
♥ 9:43 AHHHH!! (I scream like a crazy person)  Crash.

And that is how Caramie got in a wreck.
I will take 49% of the blame. 
Poor sister. 
I am so sorry.

These poor children are probably traumatized.
Mostly from my scream, not the crash. 
See the cop there through the window? He was actually pretty cool.

When I was in the car with the girls and Caramie was talking to the cop, Cora said, "Dat wed caw (red car) is mean. Dat caw hit me. I hate dat caw."

And now Ayz says, "Tum wook at mine car. Is broken."

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