Thursday, October 25, 2012

the truth about tonight

Tonight I am sitting in my messy house, cuddled on the couch in my PINK sweats and slippers made by momma.

I will admit that I am enjoying blog stalking a little too much to get up and do anything about the messiness or the loads of laundry waiting for my attention.

Dinner is done and I'm just waiting for my husby to get home so we can eat together.

In the meantime, let me share two things.

First, my BFF (FFFFFFFFFFF) Ashlee posted the cutest post. Because she is the bomb.

Second, listen to this song. Play it loud. It's a get-your-good-feelers-goin kind of song. It maybe even made me burst into a session of interpretive dancing in my kitchen. Good thing the blinds are closed.

PS-- You might have to go pause our wedding video from another post so that you don't have both things playing

It's a good one, huh?
I stole it from Annie.
I just wish I could have a secret pass to all of her music.

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