Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Welcome to Omaha!

I would like for you all to have a little taste of Omaha so.. 
Here you go! 

These are the big slides right in the middle of downtown Omaha. 
Seriously, every time we go here, my inner child comes out. 
I have to restrain myself from making the loop of running up the stairs and coming down the slide again and again and again.

This here is just a nice little park in the middle of town. 

Now this... this is a glorified picture of the pedestrian bridge.
I quite enjoy it. And you know the funnest part?

Right in the middle of it, you cross the border into Iowa. Ha! Neat huh?

This picture doesn't really have anything to do with tourism of Omaha but it does have to do with three of my favorite little stinkers! 
I love surprise visits from them. Even if it is just to get a popsicle. 


  1. Thank you, baby for posting. It helps my little heart not miss you all so much!

  2. Riley! All these pictures make me miss Iowa (well Omaha technically) so much! I hope you are loving it there!