Sunday, October 7, 2012

beans beans the magical fruit

I'll let you finish the song.

This is our trough.
This is how I filled it! 
With beans. 
I have been in love with this trough from the moment I saw it. We bought it for the wedding and as cute as it is, it was hard to find a place for it, but we did. Now it resides on our kitchen table. I looooove it. 
It has sat empty for a couple months with plans of filling it but yesterday, it finally happened. 
And look how cuuuuuute!! 

Did I mention I love it? 

And I will leave you with this conglomeration for a laugh. 
Coras idea. 
"Wets do anooooddder one!!"
We are happy. 
We are in love. 
Things are good.

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