Sunday, September 30, 2012

It was an accident. I swear.

Remember when I was so excited to get my carpet cleaned?
Well, change of plans. 
How about new carpet instead?! 

Here's the story.
We had the guy come to clean and stretch it. He was nice enough to tell us that he would feel bad taking our money on a project as sad as this. ha! He said we would be much better off just getting new carpet. Basically, the morons that put the carpet in did such a half-ace job that it wasn't even fixable. Well, it was but it still wouldn't look good and it would cost just as much as buying new carpet. We would just have to pay the extra to get it installed.
So long story short, we decided to get new carpet.

Check out those stains. SICK.

Seeeeee! So much better anyways. 
Maybe I should have vacuumed before I took this picture but I vacuumed last night so this is what you get!
And that is my husband watching a little golf.
And see that door in the back left? That is the room you get to stay in if you come to visit the beautiful city of Omaha! 
Maybe I should have shut that door.
Maybe I should have straightened the pillows. 
Maybe I should have picked up the cord on the floor.
But maybe not.
Because maybe this is real life and how we live it! 
Besides, the focus is on that beautiful new carpet that is so plush between your bare toesies.

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