Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Momma for a Minute

Warning: This post contains a lot of reading! Woops! Enjoy.. :)

Last weekend was so much fun! Not only did my mom come down but she brought little Miss Hadlee, my favorite 5 year old ever! Hadlee absolutely loves St George. She has so many fun cousins down here to play with. Plus, last Sunday when I was talking to her on the phone, I asked her if she missed me and when she was telling me she started crying because she wanted to come down so bad! How precious is she? So since my mom was already planning on coming down the next weekend, Hadlee was able to come with her and be a big girl for a few days!

They started the weekend early... and when I say early, I mean EARLY! They were on the road by 5am on Friday! Just call my mom
Wonder Mom. On the way down, Hadlee was sure to inform my mom that you know you're getting close to St George when the mountains are red. She's 5! How does she remember that? Anyways.. the Black Pearl arrived in perfect time to send Hadlee with her cousin Ava to play her little heart out while her Grandma and Aunt Ri went for a relaxing morning at the spa. :) My momma and I both got facials (which by the way, I highly recommend!) and then momma berg got a pedicure and I got a manicure. We left that place feeling so relaxed and... fresh. haha It was lunch time and if you know us Bergesons, you know we like our food. There was only one issue. Due to our amazing facials, we had no makeup on. Oops! ha But we were hungry so... we went for lunch anyways! We decided to go to Jazzy Java which ended up being perfect because in the darkish lighting, no one could tell our faces were naked. :) Let me just inform you of something right now. Eating Jazzy Java is like having a party for your taste buds. So tasty! Everything we got was extremely yummy. Especially the sweet potato fries. And if you fear that you won't be able to fill up on one of their sandwiches, fear not. They are large. I don't know how my mom attacked this thing. It was like 5 inches tall!

After lunch, we went back to my apartment to freshen up so we could go the Dixie State baseball games. It felt so good to go to a baseball game with my mom! It was just like old times! We have always been really good baseball watchers. haha Plus, how can you not enjoy sitting in the sun while you know the other half of the state is dealing with snow? Lucky for us, the baseball game was a double header! Wahoo! Between the games we went and picked up Hadlee from her cousins. She looked like a little Rag Muffin. Which is proof that she had fun. We took her back to the baseball games with us and now here is where I wish I could post a super cute picture of me and little Hads at the baseball game. She insisted on sitting at the top of the bleachers. haha So there is a cute picture of us sitting up there all alone but unfortunately, i'm a retard and didn't have the SD card in my camera so.. there is no way to get the picture on my computer until my papa comes down and brings the cord for my camera. Dumb. So just remember, the picture is coming! Someday! Now if you know St George, you know that if you are looking for something to do, there are about 284 ice cream places to go to. So of course, after the games, that's how we chose to end our night. With a little taste of Menchies. After getting Hadlee all ready for bed, my momma left for Overton, NV to stay with her parents for a couple nights which left me as Hadlees momma til Sunday.

Now Saturday rolls around and the morning comes super early. I had clinicals at 6 which meant that I had to get up and get ready and take Hadlee to Sarahs where she could play until I got done at 2. Clinicals... oh clinicals... are awful! I could never really work as a CNA. But I managed to tough through it this time. Only 16 more hours to go. Yuck. When I picked Hadlee up, we went and got showered and went back for more baseball. :) Can never have enough! While we were getting ready Hadlee said, "Can we go get some... spicy kids?" haha spicy kids? She meant sour patch kids. So I told her we could go get some before the game. Once we were in the car she said "Are we going to get squishy patch kids?" haha Oh my gosh!! She cracks me up! I just wanted to keep her here forever! So here she is at the baseball game, eating her squishy, spicy kids.

After the game we headed over to uncle Blaines for a pizza party. Sarah was thoroughly entertained with the camera on my phone so here are a few hilarious pictures. haha Brace yourself.

When we left the pizza party, I decided it was time for a little chill time. We went back to my apartment and watched Toy Story 3. Earlier in the day I told Hadlee we could go get ice cream again so when the movie was over, the first thing she said was "Now can we go get ice cream?!" haha I couldn't turn her down so we jumped in the car and headed to get some more ice cream. Who cares that it's like 9:30 or 10:00, right? Menchies is probably only like 4 blocks from my apartment but when we got there, I looked back and Hadlee was done for. She was so tired! I shook her leg a little to wake her up and asked her if she wanted to go get ice cream or just go home and go to bed. Her eyes opened for a second and then just closed again and she didn't say a word so I said "K we'll just go home and go to bed" but she was not going to let that happen! She opened her eyes wide and sat up straight and told me she was awake for ice cream. You can see the tired in her eyes but she loved being able to put whatever she wanted on her late night treat!

I think it's safe to say that Hadlee slept great that night. Belly full of sugar and all! So Sunday morning comes and it consisted of Despicable Me and Frosted Flakes. Oh the life of a child..! Oh and I have to mention that when I was helping Hadlee get dressed, she said "I want to stay here for a lot of nights.." She was loving her little vacation! My mom came back from Nevada to come to church with me and you better believe we took little Hads to the College ward! haha She did really good though. We might have left after sacrament meeting and came back for RS but what do you expect with a 5 year old? :) Hadlee drew the worlds cutest picture in Relief Society. It's of the baseball game. Keep in mind that she is only 5. I'm pretty sure I was still struggling with stick figures and how to spell my own name at that age.

Notice her spelling she did all by herself, the people in the stands watching, the cars in the parking lot (lower left corner), the perfect placement of the bat in the batters stance, and the pitchers foot back and ready to throw. Isn't it great? ha She's hilarious.

We treated ourselves to a little Five Guys for lunch. It was super tasty and Hadlee couldn't get enough of the free peanuts. She put these ones on my forehead and told my I was a Triceratops. Bahaha!! Where does she come from?

I hated that my mom and Hadlee had to leave... We had so much fun! I would take Hadlee any weekend! She was great entertainment to have around. I hope there are more weekends like this to come!

Moral of the story: I love my family!! All of them! And I love it even more when they come spend time in the sunny city with me.

..miss ri..


  1. Ah! Way cute post! Love it! Those pics are super duper funny!!! !:)

  2. Oh ri... Pretty positive you are one of the fUnNeSt aunts ever! Love love love this post and the girls in it. thanks for taking care of her! Love you