Thursday, March 24, 2011

day one

Introduce Yourself With Pictures and Words

Seeing that pictures seem to really fit my fancy, I chose to use more pictures and less words. Therefore, in this post you will see honestly about 30 pictures of my life. Most are older. A couple are newer.

Since I'm introducing myself... how about I start with a picture of myself. I think it's a splendid idea. This is one of my favorite senior pictures. It proves I'm not all shy. I have sass. :)

My grandparents are my heroes. They've been through it all. Love them to pieces.

One day I had my life all planned out. I was going to be an endodontist. That changed into being a dental hygienist which changed into being a respiratory therapist which turned into having no idea what to do with my life

I love having excuses to get all dressed up and girly.

I have some of the most amazing friends. All of them have been through some crazy things and are some of the toughest girls I know. Let's here a woot woot for them! Thanks for everything you've taught me girls!

I always laugh when people say "I would never get a tattoo... BUT IF I DID....!!!" haha And I'm one of those people. This is the tattoo I would get. But would never get. The one with the blue shoe :)

My family is my EVERYTHING. Seriously though. I would be lost without them. My parents are incredible and hopefully I can raise my kids the same way they raised me and my sisters. Cheesy-ness recognized. Growing up with three older sisters was the greatest. Especially since they were all way older than me so I never had to put up with the cat fights and clothes stealing. Okay that's a lie. It still happened but I wouldn't take it back! And I love having nieces and nephews. They are my sunshine! PS Bridget had baby Jada today! Yay! I can't wait to go home to her!

I got married in Vegas once.

Just kidding

Muddy buddies are my weakness.

When I was a wee little one, I enjoyed dangerous things and playing in the dirt. Really.

I made it through High School. Something we should all be proud of. Can I get a "Hoo-Ra" for the Class of 2009? Oh yea, and someone let some mice go at graduation. Funniest thing ever. See video below.

Soccer was my thing from age 5.

I WILL get married here someday.

There were 7 of us and we were inseparable.

Best summer ever. We lived on the water.

..miss ri..

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  1. RILEY!! WHAT THE FREAK! IT's day two.....and i'm waiting! :]