Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Tupperware burglar

On one of my nights when Kelly was still in Utah on his Christmas break and I was stuck in Nebraska all alone, I went on a date with one of my BFFs. 
His name is TJ. 
Some of you might call him Maxx or even TJ Maxx. 
And that is where it all began... 
You might remember this post if you follow me on insta.
Now, let it be known that TJ is also my therapist. 
There is something about walking around that place that just calms me down and releases my stress.
Soooo therapeutic.

Anyways, back to the story. 
So I bought that beautiful mirror. How could I not? 24 of those 28 likes occurred while I was still in the store. 
I found me some frames (also from other TJ Maxx's and HomeGoods) and put together a conglomeration (oh and that key is from HomeGoods about a year ago #sistercompanies #soulmates) to hang in my kitchen.

One night while Kel and I are both snoozing, the very top frame got in a fight with the wall and plummeted to the ground, taking the frame below it along. 
We both woke up.
Kelly more than me. 
It went a little somethin like this 

K: Sits up. Lays down. Sits up. Holds still. 
R: "You okay?" (Mostly still sleeping and dreaming) 
K "Did you hear that?" 
R: "Yeah...." 
K: "What do you think it was?" 
R: "I don't know... Some Tupperware falling off the counter..?" (There was no Tupperware on the counter, but I did do dishes right before going to bed, hence the Tupperware on the mostly asleep brain) 
K: looks at me "Tupperware?" Like I'm an idiot. I was. Actually, I am. 
R: "Yeah... Just go to sleep" 
Kelly continues sitting up
K: "We'll don't you want to know what it was?"
R: I was waking up more at this point. "It was probably my frames falling off the wall.." 

That did the trick. He agreed it was the frames and we went back to sleep. 
But Kel was about ready to march down there with his gun. 
Those pesky Tupperware stealing picture frames....

So here you see round two of the frames because the first round of frames was found in pieces on the floor in the morning.

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