Sunday, March 17, 2013

I've got big news over here

I bet you thought I was pregnant when you first read that, didn't you?! 
The real news is....
I, Riley Jan White, have received a calling. 
I am now a Relief Society Instructor in the Fontenelle Ward!
At first I said YIKES! 
Now, I am a little bit excited! I won't admit to it but after all, this blog is about my secrets, right?


So from here on out, on the second Sunday of each month, I will be teaching Relief Society. 

A few things that have helped calm my nerves:

  • There will only be time for two lessons before we go home for summer.
  • I could be in nursery.... 
  • At least it isn't the first Sunday, Fast Sunday, because then I would feel like I couldn't pass out treats.
  • Most of all, my Mommas comforting texts telling me that I am going to be fantastic! 

1 comment:

  1. You will be fantastic!! I think that is one of the best callings.. once a month, for an hour. You can endure anything for a hour. Pass out quotes and scriptures so you don't have to do all the talking and the time will fly. You will be great!