Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kansas City

Well friends, I suppose it is time to share some pictures about our little vacation because little vacations are very rare these days.

Emily and I knew it was almost Spring Break time for our boys but we also knew it wouldn't be much  of a break for them. They had reading to do, papers to write, and projects to work on. We decided that regardless of all the nonsense, they needed a break. And so did we! So we planned a weekend in Kansas City.
Within a ten minute drive home from the gym at 6:47 am, we knew when we were going and what we were going to do. We just needed a hotel.... But Emily did some magical work and got us the greatest hotel, in the greatest location, (walking distance to H&M, Pottery Barn, Forever 21, Restoration Hardware, + many more), for the greatest price!

The first thing we did on our first day there was visit the World War I museum.
It was so interesting. We could have spent hours and hours there... We did spend 2 hours but we could have done 2 more!

Kelly hates pictures... Maybe this is why we never take any.

It rained the whole weekend. If you know me, you know it didn't bother me one bit!
Em and I took a little venture out on Saturday afternoon to walk around the shops. We got caught in a straight downpour! Rivers were flowing all over! Luckily we had our freshly purchased umbrellas from H&M. We popped those babies open and enjoyed our stroll through the streets.

Kansas City was a success! We talked about how Kansas City is what we imagined Omaha to be like. Haha but Omaha was a let down... We would choose Kansas City over Omaha any day!
Our trip was cut a little short because of a snow storm that we didn't want to drive home in but now we just have an excuse to go again!

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