Monday, March 25, 2013

my SPRING banner

Here is a little DIY S-P-R-I-N-G banner.
Or I guess you could make it say whatever you wanted :)
For the BIG fan, cut a sheet of 12x12 paper in half so that it is 12x6
For the LITTLE fan, cut a sheet of 12x12 paper in thirds so that you have 3 pieces that are each 12x4
Now, find some entertainment (I chose Gossip Girl, of course) and start folding!
 Again and again and again and again and again....
Until your fingers start screaming at you and you have watched two episodes of your favorite tv show.
FYI: The smaller the folds, the better. I want to say mine started out around 1/4 in.
Grab some thin wire and secure that little fan in a squished position, like in the top picture of the following collage (and ps- no making fun of my technical terms).
Then fan her out and tape her ends together! On the back side of course.
-You're glad I'm talking about the paper and not you, huh?-
Next, I dabbed a little Mod Podge on the edges of my big fans and rolie-polied them in some glitter.
Now that you have your fans made and glitter-tastic, you can glitterize your letters.
I just got some chip-board letters at Hobby Lobby for like $2.99. 
I spray painted them gold, slopped some Mod Podge on, and then sprinkled some fine glitter on top.
Depending on your glitter, you could probably skip the spray paint step. I just did it because I already had the paint.
After everything was dry, I hot glued it all together.
Align the center of your fans and plop your letter on top.
I even hot glued my rope on the back... My hot glue gun and I needed some bonding time.
You're done.

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  1. Love your Blog Ri! You are so cute. I wish you and Kelly didn't live so far away.