Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our beginning in Omaha

Let me just say that this is going to be one big and random post of mostly just pictures. But that's how I like it. Half because I'm not much of a writer and half because I'm not much of a reader! It works well for me.

This was honestly what I got to stare at for like 16 hours. Cruising along in the Camry. Going about 70-75 mph tops. 
Longest. Drive. Of. My. Life. 
Not looking forward to the move home. Good thing it won't be for three more years.

This is our front door the day we moved in! 
Being married and not having your own home as a newlywed couple for three and a half months is not recommended. 
She needs some TLC but first things first (inside before outside).

Before we even unpacked our U-haul, we gave the place a facelift. We painted EVERYTHING except the bathroom (because it was recently done in a beautiful green that I would absolutely love to paint over but it could wait) and the laundry room. Including the trim which some of you may know is a pain in the arse. It felt so good to cover up that nasty green bedroom, blue office, and yellow everything else, and welcome our house into the 21st century. My dad built a wall that divided our back room, which is basically like a basement, and our laundry room. We put in new floor in our kitchen. And the boys did something amazing to turn our kitched around.
I will show you :)
This picture is from when the family before us was selling it. Those counter tops are straight up white with gold speckles. GOLD SPECKLES! My grandparents don't even have gold speckles anymore. 
Next, please notice where the dishwasher is. It's there, to the left of the stools. Explain the logic for that one to me. 

And look at the beauty now! Well, what you can see from my middle-of-the-night-picture. We turned that counter around, put the dishwasher by the sink (brilliant, I know), and got a new counter top. Oh, and added some back splash. I know you can't see a lot here but it really made the BIGGEST difference. I've been thinking about doing a video tour of our house. Is that lame? 

Kel making fun of girls for posing for pictures after a dinner in old downtown Omaha with the family.

Before I was an employed lady, I spent many days with Caramie and her girls. That's Ayz, playing in the lake. 

Another day, we headed off for the zoo. Why not since we live .25 miles from it?

Can you see the penguin in the picture on the left? Or the shark about to eat me on the right? :) 

These pictures really crack me up. Luh him.

 We spent a weekend in Iowa with one of Kellys good friends from high school who is also attending law school. It is always so nice to have those familiar faces and tiny bit of sense of home.

 We try to entertain the little rascals from time to time but they mostly just find their way to our house to steal popsicles out of our freezer. This was our attempt at a sleepover but by 10:15, they were all back at their house, asleep in their beds.

We really are enjoying it here. It is so nice to finally be on our own like a real married couple. We keep ourselves busy with school and work and all sorts of other randoms so that we don't get homesick but really, I think we would both be okay with Christmas coming sooner. At least I know I miss those beautiful Utah mountains, not to mention how much we miss our family and friends!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you updated your blog. No one else does. :) I miss you like crazy and its fun to see what your doing. Your kitchen looks amazing.

    love ya!

  2. im so glad you updated your blog too!!! i love it! You did a number on that kitchen! And isn't weird to do a video tour. It would be much appreciated! :) Miss you guys!

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