Sunday, August 26, 2012

one last hurrah

Kel and I had talked many times about how fun it would be to do a weekend at the cabin with all of our friends. Since we were going to be gone for so long, we finally made it happen. It was literally days before the big move but we didn't let that get in the way.

 There is a fun diner that you pass by when going to the cabin and we finally got to go!

We got a little carried away with tasting the low fat 100% normal brownie batter.
A drip on the shirt? Not a problem. Lick it off.

 When it comes to candles for the birthday boys cake/brownies, there were none. Not even at the local Walmart. Therefore, we had to improvise. We had to sing really fast so they didn't burn out before he could blow them out.

Sisterhood of the traveling shirt. I wore mine today. Did you?

Kel and I ended the trip with a bit of a 4 wheeler ride down the scary hill and through the river. Okay, it was a stream. 

I think there was plenty of fun had by all. We are so lucky and thankful for the friends we have and that EVERYONE was able to make it up for at least one of the nights! I really regret not getting a big group picture while we were all there but at least we have the memories to hold on to. 
We miss our friends so much and can't wait to be reunited!!

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