Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Ash-hole.

I understand this title may be slightly inappropriate but you must understand it explains our relationship :)
Today is Ashlees birthday.
I just wanted to wish her a REAL BIG happy birthday and do a whole post for her since she's in California so there will be no birthday spankins from me. We'll leave that for Shae ;)
Now here are approximately 72 photos to show my love for her. Enjoy!

We're sexy and we know it.

Sometimes we take cute pictures like this...
And sometimes we take not-so-cute pictures like this.

Ashlees first time to Disney Land! Orrr... "dinneelaaannd"
She is seductive, isn't she?
We made the drive home ONE too many times.

She got married. It was real fun :)

Oh, and... please refer back to this post for some added entertainment.

So now I think it's safe to say..
Love you long time :)

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  1. Oh Riley thanks so much!!! Those were some really good times. Love you tons girl thanks Riley~Bug.