Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's my turn!

I can finally brag about my Valentine :)

Nothing has been holding me back except my usual self getting distracted whenever I sit down at the computer to blog.

First, I have to tell about the surprise I got on the 12th at the family Valentines dinner. Kelly got me an ottoman! Wahoo! The hunt is over. He is a sweetheart. But... there is no picture because I'm not good at remembering those things.

Now I will tell of my other surprise that I got on Valentines day. I have been bummed for the longest time because Valentines fell on a Tuesday and those happen to be our long days at P Dontal (miss-spell intended). However, my Debbie Downer mood about having to stay late on the day of love was all turned around when Niki walked into work and plopped this little bundle of joy in front of me.

Hee hee! He loves me! He took it to Nikis house the night before so that she could bring it to me on Valentines. I'm telling you. He has mastered the art of a sneaky boy. Inside are some "booty huggers" to go under my shorts when I go running. Another hunt to be over!

So this next picture is sideways but get over it. I am not about to start this post over just to rotate it. And if there is a way to do it after it has been uploaded, I haven't figured that out. :)

Look how he put a picture of us in the middle of the cutout! So clever. And inside the card, our story and a love note. And more pictures. And lots of gushy cute-ness that makes me weak in the knees.

After my long day of work, Kel took me to dinner and a movie. Classic but so perfect.
Gosh I got lucky, huh?! Thanks for spoiling me, baby!

I made a quilt for my lover but there are no pictures because it's not quite done.. At least it is all sewn together though. Maybe another post for another day.

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