Thursday, February 16, 2012

Super Grandpa

Remember this cute grandpa? Remember how he got in a really bad 4-wheeler accident and barely made it through? This post is for him.

My grandpa is one amazing man to say the least.
For Christmas, he wrote this letter to all of us. One night last week, while I was waiting for my towels to finish drying, I sat down with a kit kat from my stalking to finally read this cherished letter.
In the letter he told us how grateful he is for each of us and how he knows our prayers for him were answered. He bears his testimony and tells us how much our Savior loves us. He tells of his crazy experiences and his testimony of why he made it through it all to be here today.

Oh. And he was sneaky by putting in some cute smileys and calling our grandma his sweetheart :)

Isn't he cute? Love him!

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