Thursday, June 23, 2011

And the word of the week is..


That's the word. Yes, it might be a bit inappropriate but in our house we deemed it acceptable for this one week only for many reasons.

Most commonly used is "Wow... we have a lot of shit."

Also quite frequently spoken "Why did we keep this shit?"

For the absent minded "Shit, I forgot to pack that before I taped the box.."

A common question "Where did this shit come from?"

When thinking of others "Do you think ______ would want this shit?"

My personal favorite "What are we going to do with all this crap? I mean shit."
Seems a little backwards, right? Wrong. Not this week.

This week that is full of going through things from 1996 when we moved into this house, it is okay. Trust me. From 1996 receipts, to decorations from before my existence, to fabric we were going to make _____ (fill in your own blank because I'm sure we had it all) out of, to pictures we regret posing for.

We have sold shit on KSL and given loads of things to my sisters, neighbors, aunts, friends, and mostly the DI.

It's a bit of a crazy week and it's bringing around an odd mood but I'm okay with it. Not okay with the move, but the mood is funny.

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