Sunday, July 3, 2011

the girl with the ugly foot

That would be me. The ugly foot chick. Or maybe it's attractive to hard core men..? I can only hope..

So here's the story. We're sitting in my aunts yard while my nutso uncles are lighting the fireworks and I decided that I felt a little out of the loop from my cousins. I make my way over there and sit on the curb by them and literally not more than 10 seconds after I sit down, my foot has become the victim of an evil spawn of Satan. One of the big aerial fireworks tipped over and shot red burning fireballs at our family. More than a little dangerous. Before I even knew there was a firework being lit, my foot had been burnt. I looked down and my whole foot was white. I think it's easy to say I went into a bit of shock. haha Everyone was kinda running around, protecting the kids and laughing about how that really just happened but then they saw poor little Riley Bug sitting on the grass, crying, trying to take her shoe off. haha Next thing I knew, I was being rushed in to the sink where we ran cold water for like 45 minutes.

Ugly huh? Can you tell where the strap of my shoe was? haha Nasty, nasty. And you should see my shoe! It's basically exploded. So sad.. I love those silly sandals. And they must love me back because they took one for the team and saved some of that ugly foot of mine.

Now that I finally have my longboard road rash under control, it's time to manage this baby. Lots of sitting by the air vent, lots of cold packs, lots of burn cream, and lots of gauze later, I bet this thing will be looking prettttty attractive. No?

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! that looks terrible! i feel so bad!!!