Sunday, June 19, 2011

but... but... but...

Do you see this house?

If you were to look up my home on google maps, this is what you would see. The picture is terribly old and our house really looks better than that in real life but this is the house I have lived in since I was 5. This is the house where I lost my first tooth. This is the house where I learned to rollerblade (not easy on a hill by the way). This is the house that is built of walls that have listened to every secret of mine.

Today is Sunday and by next Sunday, we will be moved out of this house. Is it even fair to call it a house? It's home. The only home I know. I can't believe the days we have left in it are dwindling down so fast.. I'm not okay with it and I will probably cry.

Who knew you could be so attached to something so silly?

Oh and I think it is very appropriate for a shout out to my Papa Bear who happens to be the man who built this home. Happy Fathers Day to him!

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  1. moving is so stinky Riley! I love your house and the people in it too! Good luck you guys!!