Friday, May 20, 2011

A day needed by many

Last Friday we had our own little girls day out. Just Momma and the sisters. No children. No men. Just us. It was just what we needed. Reunited at last! We started off by going to a live filming of Studio 5. It's like a good morning/talk show kind of thing. We were all in hopes of winning one of the giveaways but you just have to know that with our luck, there's no chance of that happening. Ever. There could be the five of us in a room with only three other people and all three of those people would win before we did. But it was still fun! At least we got some cakebites and a snickers in our little free bag of goods.

I had to post this picture simply because of the lady behind us. Absolutely hilarious!

Now since that picture wasn't the greatest, we tried again. Still not the best, but better. We obviously aren't a very photogenic family. But this one shows the stage a little bit. Oh and even a bit of one of the camera men in the top right!

After the filming, we made our way to Gardners Village. We ate a yummy lunch then spent a quick minute in some of the shops. We wished we could have stayed longer but moms needed to get home to their babysitters. Overrated. But regardless, I love my sisters and mom!

I love days when we can escape like this. It doesn't matter how few hours of sleep I have gotten or how short of time we are able to do it, it is priceless!

..miss ri..

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