Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day Seven and Eight

Day Seven
Your Best Friend

My best friend? Do I have to choose just one? Not possible. I believe that the reason I'm not anywhere close to getting married is because I have too many best friends which would result in a bazillion bridesmaids, not to mention how hard it would be to choose a maid of honor. So instead of telling about my best friend, I will give a list of some of my many best friends. Much better right? I like making up my own rules as I go..

We'll start with Alexandra Holst Brown. She's who I blogged about a couple posts ago. Such a strong girl!

Next is the girl I've spent the most time with over the past couple years. Ashlee Blaisdell (almost Neal). Stinkin girl is getting married. What the? Leavin me hanging. It's okay. I'm use to it.

Jordyn Bargsley/Pebbles/Lindsey. Really it's Lindsey. She's married. Like most of them. But she's the greatest. Always making me laugh.

Madeline King. She's kinda like a long lost best friend. We were so tight in High School but then we moved away from each other and didn't really lose touch but didn't talk as much. She's still on the top of my list though! Always thinking of me..

Stephanie Toyn. Gorgeous. Funny. Thoughtful. Reliable. Tough. What more can I say? haha

Ray Baby Olsen. I guess most people call her Raylynn but I prefer Ray Baby. Haven't seen her for a while but my heart is aching for a gathering.

Demi Martinez. The cutest girl your eyes will ever fall upon. She keeps me going in the social scene. Thank heavens.

There you have it! Just a sample of my favorites.

Day Eight
A Moment

This goes perrrfect with day seven! ha So me, Madison, and Ashlee were just cruisin' around the sunny city of St Jorge one day when Ashlee made a joke which probably would have been funny if we weren't in such a stingy mood but none of us laughed at it until like literally five seconds later Ash lets out this big loud "HAHAHAA!!" Honestly belts out the laugh, and only three of them. Maddy and I looked at each other with the most confused looks and Maddy asks me "Was that real?" haha I opened my eyes wide and put on a grin and nodded my head yes. It most definitely was real! We laughed so hard the rest of the way home. Our eyes were watering, our stomachs hurt, Maddys driving wasn't the safest, and it probably took us 4 minutes to walk to the door from the car because we had to take small breaks to laugh. Hilarious moment.

..miss ri..

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