Sunday, February 24, 2013

We made a shelf. A big one.

We spent last Saturday making this gem of a thing.

Don't mind that sideways, smushed pillow. That is where I am sitting right this moment. 
That is real life for you.
And also, the decor on it is not permanent. Those are just things I had close that I could throw on there real quick.
Truth is, we are poor law student newlyweds living on pennies found in the couch and I have to slowly and carefully gather my knick knacks. 
Therefor, it could be months before there is a polished arrangement of "things"
OR, knowing myself as well as I do, it will constantly be changing for the two and a half more years we are here! Especially around holidays. Can't wait!

Point is....! We made that. 
Kelly assembled.
I stained.
Together we hung. 

Oh and that...
That's my handsome husband. 

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