Thursday, February 21, 2013

our turn for some snow

Ladies and gentlemen,
this is ridiculous.

Before I even went to bed last night, the school district had called school off for a snow storm that was coming. It wasn't even supposed to start until 1 the next day. I woke up and that is what I saw out my window. 

So today I had a snow day. 

I mean, it did start snowing.

But it's still not anything compared to snow storms I had to go to school in when I was a wee little one.
I only had one snow day in my entire school career.
This year, in Omaha, I have had three.
Oh, and tomorrow will be make that four because they already sent the email that we won't be going tomorrow either. 

So thanks to Mother Nature, I will be getting some reading done.
Yes, me.
The girl who has probably read 5 books total since the 6th grade.
I crave it every once in a while.

And Kelly asked me how I am going to get our babies to read if I never do. 
Valid point. 
"Kids, I never read when I was younger and look what happened to me. I turned out to be a college dropout idiot. Now go get your books and we shall read for 3 hours to make up for all of mommies lost time."
They're gonna love me!

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