Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Christmas break in February

I've officially been home for a month and am finally posting the few pictures I have of Christmas Break.
I suck.

Doug and Carolyn both have birthdays in December so we celebrated with good food and cake.
Baby R enjoyed sneaking cake with grandpa, too.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who packs like this...
I just would hate to forget something!
Or heaven forbid have to wear something twice!

That's my cute husband plowing the driveway.
I miss those Utah snow storms.

And my cute husband again.. On Christmas Day.
Looking out those storybook windows.

Christmas naps are necessary.

Every boy needs a toy on Christmas. No matter his age.
RC snowmobile.
Some 5:00 am shopping for giveaways and super deals on the day after Christmas? Favorite new tradition.
Thank you, Alexandria. And sorry you missed out Victoria. Alli.. Where have you been?
Miss Jada. Who needs a fork to eat a brownie? Not to mention hands. Face down, doggie style is the way to do it.
He hates pictures.. hence the reason we don't have any.
And apparetly I am a ghost and Kelly recently took a trip to somewhere sunny.
My favorite kind of snow:
When you can see each individual flake and it's personality.
Every flake is different.
Makes me feel like I'm on the Magic School Bus.
I spend too much time with first graders.
We made a couple trips to the cemetary.
Breaks my heart every time.
Hate that I missed out on such a strong relationship.
That was just a small little sample of our break.
We always had somewhere to be!
We couldn't get enough of how much time we were able to spend with family and friends.
We love you allllllllll! To the moon and back.

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  1. I love your posts! It was so good to have you here! It wasn't long enough though. I wish your shopping sprees would happen at a normal waking hour, then I would join the festivities. I just like my sleep too much! And super cool picture of individual snowflakes- very first grade related! I look at all your fun pictures and think we should re-live the whole Christmas break all over again.. good times.