Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a bit of... anything.

I've needed to post for a while now haven't I? Let's get my random thoughts out there. One by one. Sometimes these kind of posts are my favorite. It's like getting a sampler at a new restaurant rather than having to choose just one item.

My momma and I just got home from The Help. I loved it. Everything about it! Except I think something is wrong with me. Usually tears would be streaming down my face but not tonight. Something's broken. Maybe I'll call the plumber and tell him my eyes have stopped leaking.

I have the rest of the week off. Thank heavens...

Ya know Grandpa Shelt? The one in the picture of my header? He's not doing so good. Like really not good at all. I'll probably be spending my weekend off in St George. I can't complain. I just wish it was for a better reason. Grandpa Shelty has hung in there for a long time. Time for a new kind of blessing to come over our family. ♥ ♥

Tonight I went on a run. Four miles. That might be a warm up for some of you but holy moly! Pretty sure I won't be moving real fast tomorrow.

My bedroom is coming together nicely :) just waiting on that dang bedspread. Can you hardly stand the anticipation of pictures? haha

So that Kelly character I mentioned earlier... He's in Hawaii. FML.

Life is lonely without my sister wife. aka Caramie. Between her and her family I used to be entertained at all times. Now I've turned back to facebook. Save me now.

I found my photographer incase I ever get married. Go ahead and look.

I have a love hate relationship with pinterest. I love seeing all the cute and fun ideas but when I find one I want to use or "pin" sometimes I'm selfish and don't want anyone else to see it. I want it to be mine. I'm a brat.

Well kids. I hate posting with no pictures. Pet peeve? Anyways.. that's all for tonight. This girl is a tired one. Pictures are promised next time :)

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