Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where do I start?

It's been far too long. How do I always let this happen? Let's be honest, spending so much time with the boyfriend doesn't help. But I'm okay with it :) I'll sacrifice a few blog posts for it.

Is anyone else suffering the feeling that August and September were only a week long? Oh well, at least we're finally into my favorite time of the year.

You know how at the end of almost all of my posts I say "I promise pictures next time.." Well this time, I'm fulfilling that promise. Finally. So hold on because here comes some pictures from a few of our fun outings.

One weekend Kel and I went up to his cabin for a night with his family. And there was maybe some Park City shopping in the morning... But this picture is of our LATE, COLD 4-wheeler ride. Our coats are awesome, aren't they?

Every summer needs a trip to Bear Lake. Ours may not have gone the way planned but we still had fun. We camped on the beach and got shakes like usual. And this... is our initials carved into the table at LaBeau's. Excuse my boyfriend and his need to destroy things. This was for a good cause.

The next weekend we ended up going to a friends old farm house. We played games, made yummy meals, and the best of all, floated the river.

A little golfing trip with Kel. The sport I will never figure out.

Oh boy. And here comes the circus. haha! Here we are at the "pre-show" with our clown noses.

The elephant showing us the painting she just did.

This was hilarious. My dad went out and bought some popcorn for us all to share. Kelly was holding it and Braylie and Tayah would stare him down, grab a handful in each hand, then turn around and shove it all in there mouths at once. They were so shy with Kelly and never warmed up!

I have to admit, the circus really is all it's cracked up to be. Do I sound like a little kid yet? haha

There you have it! I just wish I was better at taking pictures because we've done so many other fun things. One day I'll remember to take pictures of corn mazes, football parties, dinners, camping, bowling... ya know. One day.

Oh, and here are some videos of the circus. The long one of the zebras and horses is for my niece, Hadlee. She's a huge fan and couldn't come to the circus because they moved to Omaha for a few years. But when I told her on Skype that I had a video for her, she about had a come apart. Gosh I love her!

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