Thursday, January 10, 2013

My four dollar, five minute project

Love this kind of craft.
The quick, easy, no mess kind.

Okay... I'll admit it. I love ANY craft. Even if its something I do at work with the 1st graders. You can never get too old for some crayola crayons, safety scissors, and a purple glue stick.


I purchased two packs of these little arrow clips at Target in the dollar section. One single dollar. One of them. Less than you pay for the parking meter around here.

I got me some "kids craft magnets" at Walmart on my next visit (that's what the old toothless worker lady called them).

I scurried my little tooshie home; over the river (literally) and through the fog to my humble, frozen, and human-less house.
PS- Kelly, please come home.
PPS- that is probably not a correct usage of a semi colon. Over it.

I plugged in my glue gun to heat up while I munched on some carrots and did dishes.

It was finally time.... Creating time! Woot woot!

Simple... Glue, place, done.
And look how cute!


  1. those wooden arrow clips are amazing!! i need to pick up some for my fridge.

    new follower :)

  2. Super cute!! I could do that craft. I love the simple first grade crayola crafts too. This is a craft I could manage.. and is that a super cute Christmas card of Ryk-a-tar I see in the background?!

  3. those are adorable!

    just started following!